This guide helps you choose the right hot tub for you. Deciding on which hot tub is the best one for you can be a daunting prospect. Take a few moments to think about what has inspired you to buy a hot tub. Think about how you will be using the hot tub. Imagine using the hot tub. Think about who are you with? What are you doing? What else do you see? Visualise the hot tub in your garden.

You may already have that perfect spot chosen or there may be an unused area of your garden crying out to be put to better use. You can create a secluded private retreat for ultimate relaxation or enhance a social BBQ or patio area for shared family fun. Hot tubs can installed either indoors or outdoors in perhaps a conservatory or a purpose-built structure such as a log cabin.

Choose the hot tub that fit the usage

The first thing we always ask any new customer looking for a hot tub is what will the hot tub be used for. A hot tub has a wide variety of uses from pain relief to socialising, but they can be broken down into 3 main areas:



For pain relief, sports therapy, recovering from an injury, etc. Make sure you look for the model which offers the best in hydrotherapy, we would recommend the Marquis Signature range of hot tubs with its unique HOT zone technology.


If your looking for somewhere to get away from it all, to unwind and destress, then we would suggest a mid range model like the Celebrity range of hot tubs or Red Spa hot tub range.



Many people look for a hot tub to give them somewhere to connect with friends and family. Whether it be a space where you can get your family together and spend some quality time or a party area to enjoy friends. A couple of examples would be the Red Spa 6007 hot tub or Celebrity Vegas.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size of hot tub is naturally very important. There are two important points to consider here. Firstly how many people will regularly use the hot tub? Many hot tubs will seat 4 – 5 people, but if we compare it to a big and small car. If you regularly have 5 people in your car, you’d most likely choose a larger car. This goes the same for a hot tub. Secondly, where are you thinking of locating your hot tub? The physical area you are considering to put your hot tub will, of course, dictate the size of hot tub available to you.

Don’t forget we offer free local site visits if you have any questions about access, location or anything in fact!

Hot Tub Seating

Seating Arrangements

Hot tubs have come a long way since the days of simple bench seats. Hot tubs now offer many seating arrangements, but what do they mean for you?

  1. All seater – this arrangement has every seat in an upright position – great for family fun – The Red Spa 6007 is our most popular all seated hot tub.
  2. Single lounger – this means 1 of the seats will be full length in a laying down position – allowing you the ability to recline and in our hot tubs receive the equivalent to a full body massage including your legs and feet. We would suggest looking at the Red Spa 802 or Marquis Signature Wish if you are something with great hydrotherapy.
  3. Dual lounger – this means 2 of the seats will be full length in a lying down position – all the above benefits but for 2 people to share the pleasure together. Better than that, here at The Tub Company each lounger has a different jet configuration, so by moving between the 2 loungers you will receive different massage benefits. Try looking at the Red Spa 801 or Marquis Signature Resort

What do I need to know about hot tubs?


All hot tubs require a power supply to be able to heat and power the water jets. The electrical supply required does vary from model to model. Generally, there are 2 different versions

  • 13 amp supply – where the hot tub will just plug into a standard 3 pin socket
  • Dedicated supply – where the hot tub requires a 20 – 32 amps electrical feed direct from your consumer unit

Although 13 amp models are usually cheaper to buy. The reduced electrical supply means they are restricted to 1 pump and a maximum of about 25 jets. A smaller heater will also be fitted. Also when running either the pump or heater will be only allowed to run at one time. 13 amp hot tub models can be simpler to install as they only require a 13 amp socket installed which if not already available, can be spurred off an existing power supply.

With a full power model you are not limited by the power supply and therefore you will have access to a much larger range of models with more pumps and therefore jets fitted. These models will also be able to run the pumps and heater at the same time. These models will, however, require a dedicated electrical supply fitting so can cost more to install.

Inside the hot tub

Most hot tubs are constructed using a mould acrylic shell, available in a variety of colours and shapes. All our hot tub are available with a variety of seating positions and sizes. For comfort, headrests are fitted to most models. Our Red Spa range is fitted with an adjustable head rest for even more comfort. The Marquis range of hot tubs has a special footwell which is textured for Reflexology 

All out hot tubs are fitted with advanced control systems which perform all the heating and water filtration control for the hot tub. They are all adjustable and can be set to suit your requirements. In particular models like the Marquis Signature range, they are fitted with an auxiliary panel allowing you to control the hot tub without leaving your seat.

The additional adjustment also fitted to allow control of water features like neck jets and waterfall. In addition, you are able to fine tune the jet pressure using addition controls.

Hot Tub Jets


Everyone talks about jets when it comes to hot tubs. There is a huge variety of jets which all have different effects and uses. One area which many people misunderstand. It's not about how many jets a hot tub has. What is more important is the location of those jets and how well they word. Jets should deliver heat deep into the muscle area. They shouldn’t blast you out of the hot tubs!

Hot Tub Filtration


Extremely important and the core of your hot tub. It function is to keep your water clean. Read more here about Marquis ConstantClean system which offers the best filtration of all hot tubs.

Hot Tub Chemical System

Chemical Systems

Chemical dosing systems are available on both our Red Spa system with in.Clear and FROG on the Marquis range. Both systems offer a method of automatically dosing your water with a sanitising chemical aiding your water care regime.

Outside the hot tub


As standard all our hot tubs come with a weatherproof cabinet fitted as standard. These cabinet materials are UV resistant and require no maintenance

Hot Tub Base


Every model is fitted with a sealed base which prevents any moisture or cold from getting into the underside of the hot tub. It also prevents rodents from making a nice home in your hot tub.

Hot Tub Covers


Every model we supply is fitted with a rigid insulated cover for maximum heat retention and energy efficiency.

Suggested Accessories and Options

Hot Tub Cover Lift

Cover lift

Cover lifter allow easy removal and storage of your hot tub cover. Included as standard with many of our new hot tubs.

Hot Tub Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth Audio

Add music to your hot tub with Bluetooth audio.

Marquis Environments


Marquis are the only hot tub manufacturer who also supply custom made furniture for your hot tub.



Microsilk is a skin conditioning system which is exclusive to the Marquis range of hot tubs

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Another common mentioned component of the hot tub is the pump. The horsepower of the hot tub is often raised, with the preconception that bigger is better. Which is not so. Yes, horsepower is necessary, but more important is the flow of the water and how much water is pushed through the jets – using the least amount of power. We fit high quality pumps to all our hot tubs which are all high flow and energy efficient.

The cost of running a hot tub can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of hot tub, local energy rates, frequency of use, temperature settings, insulation, and climate conditions. Here are some key factors to consider when estimating the cost of running a hot tub:

  1. Electricity Consumption: Hot tubs typically require electricity to operate the pump, heater, and other components. The exact power consumption depends on the specific model and its features. High-performance hot tubs with additional jets and features may consume more electricity than basic models.
  2. Heating Costs: Heating the water is one of the most significant contributors to the overall operating cost. The cost depends on the desired water temperature, the difference between the ambient temperature and the desired temperature, and the efficiency of the hot tub’s heater. Well-insulated hot tubs will generally be more energy-efficient and require less energy to maintain the desired temperature.
  3. Insulation: Hot tubs with good insulation can help retain heat and reduce energy consumption. Models with high-quality insulation materials and well-sealed covers will help minimise heat loss, thus reducing the overall operating costs.
  4. Climate: The local climate plays a role in determining the cost of running a hot tub. In colder regions, the hot tub will need to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, leading to increased energy consumption.
  5. Usage Frequency: The frequency and duration of hot tub usage will impact the overall running cost. The more frequently and for longer periods the hot tub is used, the more energy it will consume.

Once you have decided on the size and number of seats, you can order your hot tub and tailor it to suit your own style and personality. You can choose from a range of cabinet, shell and cover colours and you can upgrade your hot tub with any available options like WiFi remote control or sanitizer system.

Here at The Tub Company, once your hot tub is on order, we will keep you regularly updated each step of the way from build production, to shipping progress through to estimated delivery time scales. If you need to make preparations prior to delivery, our regular updates will also act as prompts to remind you what needs to be in place and by when. No sudden surprises, just forward thinking and smooth planning for a hassle-free delivery.

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