A guide to getting ready for your hot tub delivery

Hot tubs are large bulky items. They are supplied fully assembled as one complete unit, just like you’ve seen in our showroom. To carefully transport and manoeuvre such a large, heavy and valuable item we use specialist equipment. The hot tub is positioned on its side for moving.

So when it comes to access requirements for delivery the narrowest access point will need to be at least as wide as the hot tub is high. For example, a 90cm high hot tub will need a minimum access width of 90cm. If suitable access is not available on your property, you can consider gaining access via a neighbour’s property or alternatively hot tubs can be crane lifted in. 

Other factors to consider are:-

  • Width of gates or passages
  • Any objects protruding from walls e.g flues or outside taps
  • Low roofs, house eves or guttering
  • Steps or steep/uneven ground

In rare cases where access is restricted a crane or hiab can easily lift a hot tub over a wall, a garage or even over your house. Please note that the cost of the lift is not included in the price of your hot and there may be an additional charge.

If you have any doubts or questions about access we can carry out a free no obligation site survey. Please call us on 01787 370326 or email sales@thetubcompany.co.uk to arrange this.

Installation of your hot tub

We don’t just deliver! As part of the package with all hot tubs purchased from The Tub Company, we include installation at no extra cost

Installation consists of

  • Connecting your hot tub to the electric supply cable (provided the cable installed by the electrician is suitably long enough to reach the connection point on the hot tub)
  • Fit any ancillary furniture and cover lift
  • Fill and perform a full test of the hot tub
  • Perform initial water treatment
  • Demonstrate the hot tub
  • Water training
Handover of your new hot tub

For any questions regarding hot tub installation please contact us below and we'll be happy to help

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