This is a brief guide on how to look after your new hot tub. As part of any hot tub installation carried out by the Tub Company, we will perform all the necessary training required to look after your hot tub. 

This includes water care and hot tub operation. We supply all our hot tubs with a detailed water care guide and chemical starter pack.

Initially looking after a hot tub can be daunting, but it will soon become second nature. Testing the water is a simple 15-second test. The results of the test will tell you what adjustments you need to make to the water. But don’t worry our service does not stop with the delivery. 

We are always available for any questions and queries you might have with your hot tub or water care.

hot tub chemicals for maintenance and water care

Water Care

Water training is provided when we install your new hot tub, but your water care can be broken down into 2 main aspects:-


This the most important part of water care. It is important that there is a sanitizer in your water at all times with ensuring your water stays clear from any bacteria or virus’. The most common sanitizers are either chlorine or bromine.

Water Balance

Having the correct water balance is important for a number of reasons, firstly for personal comfort. If the water is too acid for instance it can be uncomfortable to bath in and irritate your nose and eyes. Secondly, if the water has a high pH level, then this can indicate a high mineral content and undesirable scale can form in the hot tub. Which is an issue in our hard water region.

See also our quick and easy guide to balancing fresh water in your hot tub

How often do I need to change the water in my hot tub?

A typical family hot tub will need a water change every 3 months with regular use. Changing the water is simple on all our hot tubs. 

Just connect a hose to the drain plug on the hot tub and allow the water to drain out. The hot tub can then be refilled with fresh water. 

If it’s something you don’t want to do then we offer a fresh start service where we come and do the work for you. See here for more details on our hot tub servicing packages

Fill a hot tub


Filter maintenance is important to both your water and your hot tub components. Dirty filters will contaminate your water and blocked filters will cause the pumps to have to work harder. 

Your hot tub filter(s) should be rinsed out with a hose every 2 weeks, perhaps more often if the hot tub is used frequently. Then every 3 months the filters should be deep cleaner with a dedicated filter cleaner. 

This will remove any oils and greases which may have built up in the filter. Filters should be replaced every year.

hot tub filter

If you have any further questions or need more information on hot tub maintenance please contact us

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