Air Source Heat Pumps

Lower your running costs for your hot tub or swim spa

Reduce electric costs with an Air Source Heat pump from The Tub Company

By installing an air source heat pump to your hot tub or swim spa you can drastically reduce your energy costs and quickly recoup the costs of the installation.

We have a range of air source heat pump options to suit all needs and budgets. Options like remote app control or the ability to switch between electric and the heat pump for accelerated heating.

Got Questions?

What is an air source heat pump?

Heat pumps work by taking heat from the outside air. Then using some clever gas and a compressor it boosts this heat to a higher temperature. This heat is then transferred into your water. Essentially a heat pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from the air and into your water.

  • Gas Boiler – on average 85% efficient, so 1 unit of energy will provide 0.85 units of heat.
  • Electric Heater – 100% efficient, so 1 unit of energy will provide 1 unit of heat
  • Air source heat pump – 400% efficient so 1 unit of energy will provide 4 units of heat.

The efficiency of air-source heat pumps depends mainly on the outside temperature, so the warmer the air more heat can be extracted. Air source heat pumps even work when the outside temperature is below zero degrees.

How much do they cost?

Prices start from £1,250 for a straightforward 5kw (on/off) air source heat pump. This would work spring through autumn and in milder winter temperatures. High output ASHP are available including 8.5kw, 9 and ever 12kw. These can also operate in lower temperatures down to -15c. An inverter heat pump also offers more efficiency than the on/off style as they are able to vary the compressor speed to suit rather than running at just one speed.

Other features include wifi connectivity and internal switching to allow you to still use the electric heater.

How much will I save?

The performance of all ASHP will vary, heat pumps have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) which basically is how efficient the pump is. So for example an ASHP with a COP of 5 means for every 1kw of electricity used they produce up to 5kw of heat in optimum conditions. So potential savings over your normal electric heater mean you could reduce your heating costs by up to 500% The COP of our heat pumps range from around 5 to 13.

Which heat pump is right for me?

The colder the outside temperate is the less efficient an ASHP is, as there is less heat to extract from the air. Some ASHP will still operate in temperatures as low as -15c. So if you are using your hot tub/swim spa all year round then choosing an ASHP which can operate in low temperatures is important.

In addition, the performance of the heat pump is important. So in lower temperatures, a 5kw ASHP will provide less heat than a 12kw ASHP at the same temperature.

How do they work?

There are plenty of videos and information explaining in much more detail how they work. Essentially they work in a very similar manner to an air conditioning unit but in reverse. The heat from the outside air is extracted and used to heat the water. The clever part is the ASHP can still operate in very low outside temperatures, even as low as -15c.

Can I use the heat pump for anything else?

If you have a need to heat water then yes it can be used, although as it would be plumbed directly into the hot tub or swim spa, it would just depend on your needs and if it could be adapted.

I already have a heat pump on my swimming pool, can this be used?

Yes, you can, although currently it may not possible to use to heat both the hot tub and swim spa at the same time due to the different temperature requirements. But it can be used to heat one or the other. so if you don’t use the swimming pool during the winter months it can be used in the hot tub during these times with some plumbing changes.

How soon can you install one?

Most ASHP are in stock and available immediately.

Are they noisy?

Not at all. A typical ASHP is about 45db when you are close to it, which is similar to the hum from your fridge, or a normal conversation.

Can I fit an ASHP to my swim spa (and swimming pool)?

Of course, you can. With the larger volume of water, you would most likely need a larger unit. But ASHP are becoming a very popular form of heating for swimming pools.

What maintenance do they require?

Most ASHP requires very little maintenance, perhaps an annual check from the owner and a professional check every 3 – 5 years.

Can I still use the inbuilt electric heater?

Yes, we can fit a remote switch to enable you to switch between or use both heating sources when you need an extra boost – this is ideal for holiday rentals who have limited time to heat up the hot tub for new guests.