Hot Tubs for Holiday Parks and Rentals

Enhance your accommodation with a hot tub

For some properties, an extra £100 per night can be charged with a hot tub and an additional 6 to 8 extra bookings were achieved over the year.

I think you can agree with us when we say:

That having a hot tub in your holiday rental can increase revenue and occupancy.

Whether it be a holiday cottage, house or multiple installation holiday park.

In previous years Hoseasons reported a 21% increase in bookings for accommodation with a hot tub.

The addition of a hot tub to your holiday property will make your rental more attractive to potential customers. It will allow you to charge a higher rate with increased bookings and give you the advantage over equivalent holiday lets which don’t have a hot tub.

But do the costs of a hot tub cancel out any additional revenue?

Let us help you manage your hot tubs

  • Do you have any holiday rental properties with hot tubs?
  • If you recommend that a holiday let install a hot tub, do you recommend a supplier?
  • What advice are you giving to your holiday properties with regards to managing their hot tubs?

We can help with all of these points.

We specialise in all things hot tub related and already work with a number of holiday parks and cottages with hot tubs which range from multiple installations to just a single hot tub.

We understand the demands and requirements that operating a holiday rental brings.

HSG282 Holiday Park Hot Tubs from The Tub Company in Suffolk

What services we offer

We offer a complete range of services designed to help you manage your hot tubs efficiently and safely.
  • Supply and installation of HSG282 compliant hot tubs
  • Service and repairs with priority maintenance for all holiday installations for minimal downtime.
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Water testing
  • Training and guidance on managing your hot tub correctly
  • Employee training
  • Retrofit of existing hot tubs to make them HSG282 compliant
We also supply and fit saunas which make an excellent alternative to hot tubs as they offer similar health benefits, but without the added maintenance.

What the big deal about this HSG282 document?

The HSG282 guide from the Health and Safety Executive HSG282 Guide is a document concerned with controlling the risks related to hot tubs and spas. Primarily it covers controlling the risk of infections which could be caught from a hot tub if incorrectly managed. With the recent rise in popularity of hot tubs in holiday parks and homes, it gives advice on how hot tubs and spas in these environments should also be managed. If you are not already familiar with the document then you can download HSG282 the guide here.

How does HSG282 affect me as a hot tub operator?

The HSG282 code of practice is a fairly long document and covers a very wide spectrum, some of which may not concern you. Read our guide on how HSG282 affects holiday parks and rentals here.

Our HSG282 compliant hot tubs​

We offer a range of holiday rental hot tubs which are compliant with the HSG282 guidelines. These hot tubs are also designed to make operation and maintenance as easy as it can be with additional features such as:

  • Large drain port for fast draining
  • Easy access equipment packs for fast maintenance
We offer a range of hot tubs which can accommodate from two to ten users. So perfect for couples, families and groups.
For situations when multiple groups or individuals may be using the hot tub we may recommend a commercial hot tub.
Red Spa 6006 Hot Tub For Sale at The Tub Company in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex
Holiday Rental Heating Conversion

Heating Conversions

By using a heat exchange fitted to the hot tub you can heat from a variety of heating sources, including a standard boiler or air source heat pump.

In-line chemical feeder

Self Dosing Chemical Systems

HSG282 recommends in-line disinfectant system to help keep the hot tub water clean and clear.

Tamper Free Hot Tub Control Pad

Tamper Free Control Pads

Auxiliary control pads prevent unwanted tampering of the hot tub filter and heating settings reducing unnecessary customer callouts.

Self Filling Hot Tubs

Self Filling System

Our exclusive self-filling system is not available on any other holiday rental hot tub. No longer will you need to be topping up the water level in your hot tub.

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