Hydropool Hot Tubs For Sale From The Tub Company in Suffolk

570 Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

4-5 Person Hot Tub

Air Source Heat Pump Ready The Tub Company Suffolk

Air Source Heat Pump

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The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 570 Hot Tub | Available From The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk

Model 570 Hot Tub

4 – 5 person hot tub


Freeze ProtectionYesYes
Self Clean ModeYesYes
HydroClean Floor VacuumYesYes
Removable Core Pressurised FilterYesYes
Programmable Filtration CyclesYesYes
Deluxe LED & Garden FX LightingOptionOption
Total Therapy Jets3040
HydroFlex Air Therapy OptionOptionOption
HydroSequence MassageN/AOption
HydroVortex JetYesYes
HydroClean Filtration PumpYesYes
3hp and 4hp pumps4hp3hp & 4hp
Mazzei Injected OzonatorOptionOption
Two Premium Hydrofall PillowsOptionOption
HydroFlex Foot MassageN/AN/A
DreamScents on DemandOptionOption


Tranquility Hot Tub Package From The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk

Tranquility Package

Two Premium HydroFall Pillows
Deluxe LED Lighting

Northern Falls Hot Tub Package Available in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Northern Falls Package

Cascading HydroFalls
Northern Lights

Chromatherapy Hot Tub Package From The Tub Company in Suffolk

Chromotherapy Package

Northern Lights
Deluxe LED & Garden FX

Hydrotherapy Hot Tub Package From The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk

Hydrotherapy Package

Dream Scents
HydroFlex Air Therapy System

Colour Options

Cabinet Colours

Everlast Driftwood Hot Tub Colour
Everlast Midnight Hot Tub Colour
Everlast Black Cherry Hot Tub Colour
Black Cherry
Hydropool Self Cleaning Cedar Cabinet

Shell Colours

Alpine Mist Hot Tub Colour
Alpine Mist
Silver Marble Hot Tub Colour
Silver Marble
Pure White Hot Tub Colour
Pure White
Tuscan Sun Hot Tub Colour
Tuscan Sun
Black Opal Hot Tub Colour
Black Opal
Midnight Canyon Hot Tub Colour
Midnight Canyon

Self-Cleaning Technology

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Available in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk From The Tub Company

The Worlds Easiest Hot Tub to Maintain

The Self-Cleaning system saves you time looking after your hot tub, keeping the water crystal clear. It cleanses 100% of the water in only 15 minutes, that’s an incredible 8 times in 2 hours!

Hydrowise Thermal Shield Technology

Hydrowise Hot Tub Thermal Shield Technology From The Tub Company in Suffolk

Engineered to be the most Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Built to keep the heat in using thermal shield technology inspired by NASA technology. Heat recovery system recycles wasted heat. Designed to work in temperatures as low as -40c. 

Hydropool Wellness Programs

Hydropool Hot Tub Wellness Programs

Hydropool’s Wellness Programs were specially designed to maximise the benefits of hot water immersion. In warm water the body experiences an environment where gravity is practically non existent. Targeted massage brings multiple benefits and will release various tensions. Wellness Programs use a combination of reflexology zones, colour therapy and essentials oils to bring relief to a range of conditions.

Comfort Features

Exceeding your expectations with superior ergonomic design. All seating is designed for full body support and comfort with a wide variety of deep bucket seats, higher cool down seats and comfortable bench seats and body hugging loungers. 

Giving everyone a seat of choice

State of the Art Design

Hydropool is one of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the world and committed to building superior hot tubs utilising the latest technologies, with the latest environmental practices.

Science of Immersion

Zone Logic uses a unique combination of jets and seating to create areas to help you benefit from a general sense of well-being. 

Zone Hydrotherapy utilises Zone Logic technology and applies it to the four zones; core, lower body, upper body and reflexology.


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Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub For Sale From The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk