Crown Hot Tub Collection

The Tub Company is proud to bring you the  crowning jewels of hot tubs from Marquis Spas

A Hot Tub Experience Like No Other

It’s all about creating the Ultimate Hot Tub Experience and the brand new Crown hot tub range from Marquis gives you that Ultimate Experience. Crown hot tubs offer you masseur level therapy, room to enjoy family and friends and all in an easy to use low maintenance package. 

High Flow Therapy

Laminar flow technology combined with H.O.T zones delivers water like no other hot tub, deep into your muscles to relax and sooth


ConstantClean+ is a proven low maintenance system keeping your water clean and safe


A therapy all on its own. Feel soft and rejuvenated with Microsilk Skin conditioning.

The Crown Collection is a masterpiece of innovation. It combines our most advanced therapy features and luxury amenities into the most elegant and flexible hydromassage system on the market.
Laminar flow optimises water flow by eliminating turbulence. As a result, you experience deeper muscle-tissue penetration without causing skin discomfort. Crown Collection hot tubs achieve laminar flow in over 90% of the jets. An array of Regal Hydrokinetic™ jets combine to form Specialized Massage Seats, each one offering unique therapeutic benefits.

Explore the Crown Range

Marquis Crown Summit The Tub Company Suffolk


239 x 239 x 90 cm
7 person

The ultimate hot tub to bring together family and friends hot tub for 7 people brimming with hydrotherapy


229 x 229 x 90 cm
6 person

The Epic is a sculpted and beautiful hot tub brimming with hydrotherapy with its five H.O.T zones and Regal Whitewater-4 jet.

Marquis Crown Euphoria The Tub Company Suffolk


229 x 229 x 90 cm
7 person

A real party hot tub. Seven multilevel seating offer space for everyone and plenty of therapy on offer.

Marquis Crown Resort The Tub Company Suffolk


216 x 216 x 90 cm
5 person

Family configured hot tub with deep lounger and multilevel seating. Relax in pure luxury.

Marquis Crown Spirit The Tub Company Suffolk


168 x 216 x 90 cm
4 person

The compact Spirit offers the Crown hot tub experience for anyone tight on space but still with amazing hydrotherapy.

Dynamic Flow Control

Backlit Fountains

Full-foam Insulation



High Flow Therapy

Targeted high output hydrotherapy. Delivering deeper, more focused massage than any other hot tub.

With most hot tubs sitting for any length of time creates and itching or burning sensation. The Crown range features Marquis exclusive H.O.T Zones. These zones target specific muscle groups and deliver deep relief without irritation. These zones cover the entire body from Shoulder, Lumbar to Feet. 

Crown Hot Tubs Massage at The Tub Company Suffolk



Crown Hot Tubs ConstantClean+ at The Tub Company Suffolk
Clean, safe water without the salt problem

Paramount for all hot tubs is safe and clean water. Every hot tub requires some form of sanitiser to achieve this. Salt systems create bromine or chlorine by converting salts. However, these salts can corrosion in some expensive components.

In combination with a class-leading filtration and ozonator system Marquis utilise a slow dosing Bromine feeder to give you safe and crystal clean water for peace of mind. 



Experience a whole new therapy with Microsilk. 

Microsilk radiant health & beauty is available on all Crown hot tubs.

Microsilk’s oxygen skin therapy and beauty treatment boosts the oxygen level in the water. Oxygen-rich microbubbles engulf your body leaving your skin hydrated and exfoliated promoting blood circulation. Leaving you feeling soft and luxurious. 

Crown Hot Tubs with Microsilk at The Tub Company Suffolk
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TUV Rheinland
Spa Certified 2020
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