The Marquis Hot Tub | Available in Essex Suffolk and Norfolk

Let’s jump in and take a quick overview of the features which make Marquis Spa world-class hot tubs.

The Big 3

Let’s talk about the three big features of Marquis which really set them apart from the competition and other hot tub brands. They consist of:-
1. High-Flow Therapy
2. ConstantClean
3. Microsilk

Marquis High Flow Therapy | Therapeutic Hot Tub available in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

High-Flow Therapy

Marquis high-flow therapy technology is at the core of their hot tubs. Energy efficient high-flow therapy allows deeper muscle penetration but without the skin discomfort that can be experienced in other hot tubs. Marquis hot tubs supply a higher volume of water but at lower pressure resulting in a better hydrotherapy experience.

Marquis Hot Tub Filtrations and Sanitisation Features | Available in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk


ConstantClean is Marquis’ proprietary filtration and sanitisation system. It’s not your run of the mill hot tub filter system. ConstantClean with SmartClean technology provides exceptional water filtration. ConstantClean incorporates a sophisticated filter process combined with a high-speed pump to effectively remove contaminants and particulates from the water. SmartClean software automatically controls this process and will even clean up your water after you have used the hot tub.

Then ConstantClean+ adds automatic sanitisation to the clean your water even further by treating the water with Ozone and an in-line Bromine/Mineral system, so your water is even cleaner and safer than ever.  

Marquis Spa Microsilk available at The Tub Company | Suffolk Essex and Norfolk


With Microsilk fitted to your hot tub you can benefit from a different kind of hydrotherapy. Microsilk fills your hot tub with oxygen microbubbles which enter your pores leaving your skin softer, removing impurities and feeling silky soft. At the same time, oxygen-rich bubbles speed up the skin’s metabolism and promote healing. Negative ions created in the water are known to improve serotonin levels to help relax your mind and body.

Marquis Hot Tub Jets | Marquis Hot Tubs Supplied and Installed in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Hot Tub Jets

Marquis hot tubs are designed to have a perfect balance between the jets and the pump which supply the water. Jet sizes, styles, amount and location are considered, along with pump outputs. They are designed to supply the perfect amount of water to provide a powerful yet not uncomfortable hydromassage and maximum therapeutic benefit.

Marquis Hot Tub DuraCover | Available From The Tub Company

Hot Tub Covers

DuraCover from Marquis is included with every Marquis Hot Tub. They reduce heat loss and save you money on running costs. The covers protect your cover from UV damage and debris. DuraCovers include a full length insulated heat seal along the fold of the cover, marine grade vinyl and double stitched for extra strength. The covers are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling from the snow.

Marquis Hot Tub Environments | Available from The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk

Quality Materials

Made in the USA. All Marquis hot tubs are manufactured in Independence, Oregan. Marquis use the best quality materials available to make sure the hot tubs perform year after year.

Marquis Hot Tubs | Supplied and Installed by The Tub Company in Suffolk

Safety Features

Marquis have designed a range of safety features in their hot tubs, these include:

  1. Lockable tie-down cover straps to prevent unwanted removal and access.
  2. Ergonomic design features with internal safety step, textured floors for non-slip tractions, LED lighting for good visibility. 
  3. Suction point safety bypass- Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS)
  4. Automatic overheating prevention. 
  5. Safe water management with ConstantClean+ system.
Marquis SpaTouch Hot Tub Controller available at The Tub Company | Suffolk Essex and Norfolk

SpaTouch® Touch Screen

Standard on all Signature series hot tubs. SpaTouch2 allows you to control the operation and setup of your feature-rich hot tub with touch screen control.

  • Full-colour display, designed for use in both daylight and low light
  • Orientate the display whether you inside or outside the hot tub
  • Control your music with the optional Bluetooth Audio system
  • Add Wi-Fi received for remote access via your mobile device.