What is the Marquis Big 3?

They are the three big design features that set Marquis apart from every other hot tub brand. Of course, there are many more features which go into delivering the ultimate hot tub experience. But once you have a basic understanding of The Big 3, you are well on your way to understanding the Marquis difference. The ‘Big 3’ consists of:




What is High Flow Therapy

A hot tub is a collection of pumps, hoses and jets. In conventional hot tubs, the water is pushed by the pump down narrowing hoses and through into jets which then may have restrictive openings. The result is a high pressure, low flow output. It’s a similar sensation to a power shower when you’re left with that itchy, stinging sensation.

High flow therapy by Marquis is different, it is designed to supply a large volume of water, but at low pressure, this enables the warm water to reach deeper into the muscle group and provides better hydrotherapy. High flow therapy also allows you to pinpoint your hydromassage exactly where you want it to go.

Another aspect of high flow therapy is Marquis’ laminar flow design. This means all the water flows in the same direction with no cross turbulence which reduces power.

High flow design is built into every seat and lounger in all Marquis hot tubs. The benefits increase as you work up the range with more jets and pumps fitted.

Let’s take a look at the high flow therapy within each Marquis hot tub series below.

High-flow therapy in each ranges


For maximum therapy performance the Signature series incorporates specially designed large diameter Hydro Kinetic (HK) jets. Clustered banks of HK40 jets and geyser jets create high output zones which provide the highest flow volume of any hot tub.

Tri-zone valves go further and allow you to target the full power of each pump to specific body zones. (shoulder, lower back, foot and passive-therapy pillar zones).


The Vector21 range uses a distinctive system – Vector Optimised Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T)™. Optimised laminar flow supplies water through the plumbing and jet pods.

Top side valves allow you to control the power to each seat. So you everyone in the hot tub can benefit from a massage, but if there is just you in the hot tub, then all the power from the pump can be channeled to your seats.

Interchangeable jet pods provide specific therapy. Conal pods deliver a gentle Swedish like massage. Orbital pods rotate and create a moving sports like massage and directional jet pods create a full flow deep tissue massage.

The unique Whitewater-4 jet takes the entire flow from one pump and delivers it through a single jet for an amazing foot massage.


Celebrity Elite has up to 50 high flow therapy jets for low-pressure massage and certain models also include the Whitewater-4 jets for a whole-body blast!

Celebrity series has up to 50 standard jets with up to two pumps and the ability to isolate water flow to different sides of the hot tub.

What is ConstantClean?

ConstantClean is Marquis’ sophisticated water management system. With over 40 years of evolution and refinement, ConstantClean is one of the best water filtration available on any hot tub on the market. The entire process is fully automatic and requires no interact.

Main Features

  1. The hot tubs’ primary high-flow pump is used to circulate the water. This means not only that more water can be filtered than other brands, but also more quickly.
  2. Vortex skimmers effectively skim the surface contaminants like body oils, lotions and skin cells from the water into the filter and removing them from the water.
  3. Heavier debris which has fallen to the bottom of the hot tub is drawn in from the footwell into the filter via a safety suction fitting.
  4. From here the filtered water is pumped into the heater assembly and back into the hot tub.

ConstantClean+ goes further and adds two stage sanitisation to the process. After the ConstantClean filtration process, the filtered water is sent through two different sanitisation treatments.

Ozone is an active ozone gas. It is injected into a chamber where the water is passed through there it is mixed with the water where bacteria and other contaminants are neutralised for clean sanitary water. The ozone gas then converts back to oxygen and passed back into the hot tub.

In-Line Sanitisation
The water is also passed through an in-line sanitisation chamber. This chamber consists of two cartridges. Firstly a natural mineral cartridge which treats the water for up to four months. Secondly, an adjustable bromine cartridge which will feed the water with a sanitiser to keep your water safe.

SmartClean software is the brains behind the operation, it automatically runs a clean-up after you’ve used the hot tub. When your hot tub is not being used the SmartClean schedules filtration cycles.

ConstantClean across the ranges

High-flow filtration (80 GPM / 303 LPM)
Vortex skimmer
Filter cycles
SmartClean software
Ozonator with Mazzei injectionOptional
Inline sanitationOptional
Signature SeriesStandardIncluded
Vector21 SeriesOptional upgradeStandard
Celebrity Elite SeriesOptional upgradeStandard
Celebrity SeriesNot availableStandard

What is Microsilk?

The Microsilk option is a hydrotherapeutic beauty treatment built into your hot tub.

A dedicated pump and venturi system injects billions of tiny 50 micron wide microbubbles into the water. This creates a milky oxygen cloud saturated with up to 70% more dissolved oxygen than tap water.

At only 50 microns, the microbubbles are smaller than skin pores and hair follicles so they penetrate deeply into the epidural layer. The result is a higher level of detoxification and hydration than non-oxygenated water.
Circulation and blood vessel function are improved. The increased circulation reduces redness and bruises. Skin cell growth and collagen are promoted. Cosmetic benefits include a reduction in skin irritation, gentle exfoliation and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It may also improve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis.

Increased Well-being
Another benefit of these oxygen-rich microbubbles is as they rise up and dissipate, the air around the hot tub also becomes therapeutic. Negatively charged Anions can benefit your health in a number of ways including calming the mind, improved sleep and greater recovery from exhaustion.

Marquis is one of the few hot tub brands to fully optimise the functionality of MicroSilk. As a result, Marquis produces more MicroSilk-enabled hot tubs than all other hot tub brands combined.

Which models have Microsilk?