Marquis Spa Hot Tubs at The Tub Company | Hot Tubs in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex

High Output Therapy

The best massage in the business! High volumes of water are expertly channelled via patented hydrokinetic jets to provide the most effective massage you’ll find on any hot tub. Marquis truly is The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ when it comes to therapy.

Microsilk Skin Conditioning

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturise and hydrate your entire body and make your skin feel luxuriously silky using a Marquis Spa with Microsilk®

Efficient and Green

No matter what climate you live in, your cost of electricity, or how often you use your hot tub, a Marquis spa is designed to save you money. Plus it only costs pennies a day to operate. A spa that saves you money – that’s even more enjoyable.

Ultimate Control

Remotely control your hot tub from anywhere using your connected device. Set the mood of your Marquis Spa by ensuring you have the right lighting, water temperature, and your massage pumps running just like you like.

The Epic

Seats: 5 (Dual Lounger, Soak Seat)
H.O.T Zones: 3 + Geyser
Jets: 58
Size: 230 x 230 x 89cm

The Euphoria

Seats: 7 (All seater)
H.O.T Zones: 3 + Whirlpool
Jets: 58
Size: 229 x 229 x 89cm

The Reward

Seats: 5 (Lounger, Deep therapy seat)
H.O.T Zones: 4 + Dual Geyser
Jets: 58
Size: 217 x 217 x 89cm

The Resort

Seats: 5 (Dual Lounger, Adirondack Seat)
H.O.T Zones: 3
Jets: 60
Size: 217 x 217 x 89cm

The Spirit

Seats: 3 (Lounger, Deep therapy seat)
H.O.T Zones: 2 + Whirlpool
Jets: 32
Size: 168 x 213 x 89cm