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Red Spa AI-310

6 Person • Lounger • Luxury

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Red Spa 310
Prices from only £7,499

Includes Steps, Water Treatment Pack, Installation and delivery  (pending location/access)

Clever Features

All Red Spa AI hot tubs have the highest level of standard equipment to make your hot tub experience the best yet.

The fitted waterfall creates a tranquil focus point on the hot tub. The sound of water helps soothe the mind and helps reduce stress.

Thicker floor and cabinet insulation coupled with super thick covers provide greater heat retention and lower running costs.

For cleaner and clearer water with reduced chemical usage. Corona discharge ozonator helps disinfect and purify your water. Ozone kills bacteria. viruses and other microorganisms. 

Effortlessly stream your favourite music or spoken word to your hot tub from your device.

Contemporary Design

The all-new designed Red Spa AI hot tubs offer brand-new cabinets and the latest LED lighting


Red Spa AI hot tubs offer the latest cabinet designs. With the new materials and designs the hot tub will be sure to look amazing in any setting.

In addition to the internal waterline and underwater LED lighting. Red Spa AI hot tubs are fitted with beautiful external cabinet LED. 

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What do i need?

The two important prerequisites are a suitable base and an electric supply.

Help Choosing

Read our free online guide on how to best decide on which hot tub is right for you.

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