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Promise Hot Tub


Marquis Promise Hot Tub
The Promise Hot Tub
Large 6 person hot tub with lounger
  • Deep therapy seat with shoulder and back jets
  • Thigh and foot massage jets
  • Dual geyser jets for deep tissue massage
  • Multi level seat heights

Healing Therapy

Marquis is obsessed with Hydrotherapy. High Output Therapy powers specially designed H.O.T (High Output Therapy) zones. Flow can be channeled via 3-2-1 Zone Control valves to allow precise control over the water flow.

Clear Water

Marquis' ConstantClean+ system is engineered for clean water with ozone and inline mineral and sanitiser system automatically cleaning your water. Vortex filtration remove debris from surface and bottom of the water. The SmartClean software automatically schedules cleanup cycles after you use the hot tub.

Beauty with Microsilk

Microsilk beauty treatment moisturises and hydrates your skin. Millions of tiny bubbles are created by the Microsilk pump. These bubbles penetrate and oxygenate your skin pores, reducing fine lines and leaving your skin feeling softer and silky smooth.

Signature Colour Chooser

  • Size: 201 x 217 x 89 cm (79” x 85.5” x 35”)
  • Capacity/seats: 6/7
  • Total jets: 46/48
  • Pumps: 1 or 2 pumps 
  • Electrical: 32 amp
  • Water capacity: 1249 litres
  • Weight dry/full: 286/1534 kg

Control system: SpaTouch2touch-screen control

Therapy pumps: Dual-speed pumps; 120 & 160 gpm/454 & 606 lpm

Jet system: Hydrokinetic HKarray with stainless steel trim

H.O.T. ZonesHigh Output Therapy massage zones

Valve control: 3-2-1 Zone Controlvalves

SmartCleanAutomated/programmable clean cycle software

ConstantClean+Integrated Vortexfiltration with antimicrobial protection,

in-line sanitation system & CD ozonator w/Mazzei injection

MaximizR™: Full-foam insulation w/Moistureblocperimeter wrap

DuraShell®High-impact acrylic

DuraWood™: All weather, no maintenance, synthetic exteriors

DuraBase™: Solid sheet formed ABS plastic

DuraCover®2lb. density foam; heat shield skirt, linear heat shield

Reflexology: Willamette River rock organic footwell pattern

Water feature: (2) Lamiflopop-ups

Headrests: Cushioned, resilient EVA material

MoodMaker™: LED accent light configuration

Aqua Ambiance™: LED spa light 

Bluetooth audio system: Wireless audio streaming, twin speakers & subwoofer 

Wi-Fi transceiver: Includes one year Cloud service 

Constellation™: LED interior/exterior multi-color lighting system 

Aroma Infusions™: Liquid aromatherapy dispenser 

Performance upgrade: 240V 160 gpm pump upgrade (Spirit & Rendezvous) 

MicroSilk®: Epic, Euphoria, Promise 1 pump, Resort, Spirit

Ultimate Pack Upgrade

Constellation™: LED interior/exterior multi-color lighting system 

Aroma Infusions™: Liquid aromatherapy dispenser 

Environments™: Signature Step I* & Storage Bench 

Cover Companion™: Cover lift 

Extras: Two plush towels, SpaZazz™ scents, Luther Loon

This hot tub Promise will rejuvenate your mind and body! Available as a one-pump or two-pump model it delivers exceptional hydrotherapy, especially to the legs. The open, multi-level seating for six features two deep therapy seats, two shallow therapy seats, two side seats and an entry/cool down. With four sets of leg jets, foot jets (and the optional dual geyser jets in the two-pump model), plus intensive back therapy, this is one Promise you’ll never forget!

Ultimate Package

Get popular options and accessories in one package. Environments Step and Storage Bench, Constellation LED multi-colour accent lighting, Cover Companion™ manual cover lift, Wi-Fi transceiver with one year of Cloud service, Aroma Infusions™ aromatherapy dispenser, variety pack of SpaZazz™ liquid essences, two resort-quality embroidered Ultimate Towels and a Luther Loon floating toy.


Bluetooth Audio

With the ability to control audio playback from your SpaTouch2™ touchscreen, smartphone, tablet or iPod®, the optional Bluetooth Audio System brings wireless music to your Signature Series hot tub. Twin speakers and a subwoofer get the party started, or help you relax and offer the benefits of music therapy.

Constellation LED Lighting

Constellation™ is an upgrade that will take you to the stars and beyond! LED points of light encircle the hot tub below the water line and highlight the exterior in all directions. Constellation™ gives you the ability to set your lighting at a favorite color or cycle through varying colours and transitions to entertain and relax you at the same time. Sights, smells, sounds and sensations: Marquis® embraces all of your senses to give you The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™



Surround your Marquis hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia. Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting quality of craftsmanship and durable materials, the Environments perfectly complement your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication to your environment.


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