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Red Spa 3115

6 Person • Lounger • Great Value

Red Spa 3115 Hot Tub For Sale from The Tub Company in Sudbury, Suffolk
Red Spa Hot Tubs at The Tub Company | Hot Tubs in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex
Red Spa 3115
6 person hot tub with single lounger for reclining and stretching out. Unbeatable value for money, perfect for any family looking to get into 'hot tubbing'


Includes steps, water treatment pack, installation and delivery  (pending location/access)

  • 6 person hot tub including single lounger
  • 27 jets
  • Multicolour LED lighting



Three layers of insulated. High-density foam on the underside of the shell. Reflective foil insulation is fitted to the floor and cabinet to insulate and reflect heat back into the hot tub. It also comes included with a thick insulated cover.

Control System

Fitted with a state of the art control system from Balboa who is one of the worlds leading hot tub controller manufacturers.


Water is treating by a ozone purification system which helps reduce bateria and other organics from the water.

Size200 x 200 x 92cm (79″ x 79″ x 36″)
Pumps1 x 2.0hp (2 speed)
LightingMulti Colour underwater light
Filtration25 square foot
InsulationShell, floor and cabinet

All Red Spa hot tubs supplied by The Tub Company come included with:

  • Steps – You need to get in your new hot tub somehow
  • Chemical Starter Pack – Everything you need to get going with your water care

In addition, The Tub Company also include free of charge the following services with every Premium Red Spa:-

  • Delivery and Installation (pending access and location)
  • Electrical hook and commission – we’ll connect up your new hot tub, fill and commission it.
  • Training – We make sure your comfortable with how your hot tub works and how to look after it

Full Description

The Red Spa 3115 is perhaps the best value hot tub that we have ever offered. A true family sized hot tub for 6 people. The seating includes a lounger so you can lie back an unwind in plus 5 seats for the rest of the family. Powerful enough to provide great hydrotherapy with a huge 3hp pump driving 27 individual jets. Customize your therapy with fully adjustable jets and water diverter to create the perfect massage. To enhance your hot tub experience the hot tub comes fitted with a multi-coloured underwater like which can be set to a variety of different colours.

The 3115 hot tub comes already fitted with a high output Ozonator to help remove contamination from the water making water care a breeze. Insulation fitted to this hot tub is easily comparable to hot tubs twice the price with 3 layers of insulated fitted underneath the hot tub. The hot tub is topped off with a thick insulated cover.

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Red Spa Hot Tubs at The Tub Company | Hot Tubs in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex