Maintenance contracts for your swim spa

A service package to save you time and money. Keep your swim spa in perfect working order with The Tub Company.

Full Service & Water Care

  • 3 x Fresh start services
  • 1 x Full start service
  • Water care chemicals
  • 15% shop discount
  • Discounted callout fee
  • Priority callout
from £879

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have an Annual Maintenance Service Package?

  • Regular servicing and inspections can prevent expensive repair bills. Any problems can either be prevented or fixed early, reducing costs of prolonged or neglected issues. This will prevent or reduce downtime without the use of your swim spa or exercise pool whilst waiting for the parts to be ordered or the repair to be performed.
  • Extend the life of your swim spa. With regular servicing and cleaning your equipment will last longer.
  • No more messing about with hoses to drain the swim spa and crawling around inside it to clean it. Let us maintain your swim spa so you can just relax and enjoy using it!
  • Peace of mind, you know that your swim spa is being looked after by professionals.
  • Other cost savings such as discounts on chemicals and swim spa and garden accessories.

What is in the package?

The annual service package consists of all the servicing and standard water changes your swim spa will need throughout the year to keep it in perfect working order. This consists of the following:-

  • 3 x fresh start services (depending on your needs you can change these services to seasonal shutdown or start up services
  • 1 x Full Service

For full details of what is included in these services see our Swim Spa Servicing page.

What else is included?

The package also includes these other great benefits and savings:-

  • *Complimentary core chemical top up – as part of the service our Engineer will check your core chemical levels and re-stock your core chemical supply as and when required at no cost and hassle for you (core chemicals are Chlorine, Bromine, Non-Chlorine Shock, pH Minus, pH Plus and Test Strips).
  • 15% discount on all chemicals, parts and swim spa and garden living accessories bought from The Tub Company within the 12 month package period.
  • Discounted call out fee of just £59.99 plus VAT.
  • Priority Callout – If you do have a problem with your swim spa, as a priority customer we will aim to get out to your swim spa the same week, if not sooner (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).
  • Option on changing Fresh Start to a Winter Shut Down Service if you decide to not use the swim spa over the winter (or during any period where you do not intend to use your swim spa for a while).

How much does swim spa service contract cost?

If you were to book these services individually they would add up to £896.00 per swim spa. With our annual package, this would come down to just £799.00 including VAT per swim spa. This means an immediate saving of £89.00 in just servicing costs and your complimentary core chemical top up, could save you up to £165.00 over a 12 month period. So you could be saving up to £252.00 and this is not taking into account all the other additional savings and benefits!

How do I pay for this?

Payment for our annual service package must be upfront for the year ahead.

How do I take out the maintenance contract?

Contact us on 01787 370326 or email us at [email protected]

Are there any conditions?

These prices are based on the swim spa being in good working order and being located within a catchment area of a 40 mile radius of Sudbury, if you are outside this area there may be a small additional fuel surcharge fee added (details of this surcharge are available on request).

This would also be an agreement for the full year of servicing. If you wanted to cancel at some point within the 12 month period, no refund would be given and if applicable, you would still be required to pay any outstanding balance.

The terms and conditions of this agreement would be valid for a 12 month period only. Should you wish to purchase a new Annual Service Package in the future, new prices, terms and conditions may apply.

* Complimentary core chemical top up includes chlorine granules, bromine tablets, non-chlorine shock, pH minus, pH plus and test strips and only for reasonable useage as deemed by The Tub Company, within a 12 month period, subject to a maximum RRP cost of £165.00 pa. If you do not currently use chlorine granules or bromine tablets and are using different core chemicals like Spa Frog cartridges, AquaFinesse etc, you may be able to continue with this subject to us being able to supply the chemicals and you may be required to pay a surcharge for the more expensive chemicals.

**For complimentary core chemical top up of Spa Frog cartridges there will be a surcharge (details of this surcharge are available on request)

Last Updated: May 1, 2018