Replacement parts for your hot tub

Are you looking for spares for your hot tub or swim spa?

We can supply hot tub parts or swim spa parts? We offer a comprehensive hot tub parts service. Including hot tub heaters, pumps, air blowers, ozonators and jets. At The Tub Company we have considerable experience of identifying and supplying the hot tub parts you need. We stock a core of different parts for a variety of hot tubs and spas and if we don’t have it in stock then we can usually get it for you – fast!

Broken Hot Tub Pump?

If it is a pump for your hot tub or swim spa that you are looking for, it could be worth considering our pump repair service which will save you money on buying a new pump. A variety of pump problems can be solved by having it refurbished including noisy bearings and leaking seals. See here for more details on our hot tub pump repair service.

What parts can we supply?


Hot Tub Heater Parts

  • Heater Elements
  • Heater Tubes
  • Pressure Switches
  • Brands:
    • Balboa,
    • Davey/Spa Power,
    • Gecko,
    • AeWare,
    • Hydroquip,
    • ACC,
    • LX


Hot Tub Jet Parts

  • Water Jets
  • Air Jets
  • Jet Diffusers
  • Brands:
    • Waterway,
    • Pentair,
    • Gunite


Hot Tub Pump Parts

  • Circulation Pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Motors
  • Wet Ends
  • Impellers
  • Capacitors
  • Brands:
    • Waterway,
    • Spaform,
    • Espa,
    • LX

Air Blowers

Hot Tub Air Blower Parts

  • Blower Motors
  • Brands:
    • Air Supply,
    • CG Air,
    • Genesis & ITT,
    • LX,
    • Spa Quip/Davey

Control Boxes, Topsides & PCB

Hot Tub Control Parts

  • Control Boxex
  • PCB Boards
  • Touch Panels
  • Brands:
    • Balboa,
    • ACC,
    • Gecko,
    • Chinese


Hot Tub Ozonator Parts

  • Ozonators (Corona Discharge and UV)
  • Mazzi Injectors
  • Brands:
    • Balboa,
    • Vian,
    • Eclipse,
    • Del

What brands of hot tub parts can we supply?

Hot Tub Parts Brand Logos

We can supply parts from manufacturers including:-

Balboa, Hydroair, Waterway, Pentair, CG, ITT, Ultra, Max Air, Aqua-flo, Laing, Gecko, Balboa, Hydroquip, Vico Ultrajet, EMG

We can also supply hot tub parts for all the major spas and hot tubs including:-

Aegean, American Spas Inc, Apollo, Arctic, Artesian, Baja, Barrier Reef, Beachcomber, Bullfrog, Cal, Canadian, Catalina, Coast, Coleman, Costco, Coyote, D1, Diamante, Dolphin, Down East, Dream Maker, Dynasty, Easy Spa, Eco Spa, Elite, Emerald, Fantasy, Freedom, Freeflow, Garden Leisure, Gulf Coast, Hot Springs, Hydro Spa, Hydropool, Iberspa, Insparations, Jacuzzi, LA, Leisure Bay, Leisurite, Marquis, Master Spa, Mistral, Northstar, Pacific, PDC Spas, Rotospa, Saratoga, Signature, Softub, South West, Spaform, Strong, Sun Ray, Sunbelt, Sundance, Sunrise, Tiger River, Vita, Voyager, SpaServe, Trade Price Hot Tubs.

How about Chinese hot tub parts?

Chinese supplied hot tubs have been given a bad rap by the industry over recent years which hasn’t been helped by some shady hot tub retailers. Have you a Chinese supplied hot tub? Do you find many repair engineers either don’t want to know or just want to charge an extortionate price to fix it? Our engineers have vast experience of Chinese hot tubs. In many cases, we can advise a much more cost effective solution. We specialise in parts for Chinese hot tubs and spas. We can source and supply control systems, pumps and heaters for many Chinese hot tubs in the UK.

Looking for a replacement for your Rooster Heater? We can supply an alternative model heater to replace your Rooster heater. It is flexible enough to fit all tubs with the Rooster heated fitted with the minimum of fuss!

How do I do enquire about parts for my hot tub?

Due to the sheer number of possible hot tub parts we are not able to list every hot tub spare part available, however, we do have access to several large trade parts suppliers. So if you require a part for your hot tub or swim spa, please fill out the enquiry form below and we shall get straight back to you. Please include as much information as possible to help us source the correct part if possible pictures can help immensely and can also be including in the form below or sent directly via email.

Alternatively you can call us on 01787 370326 or email us at [email protected].

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Last Updated: December 4, 2017