Hot Tub Pump Repair

Why repair my hot tub pump?

Hot Tub Pump Repair
The pumps in your hot tub or swim spa do the most important job in your spa, they are essential to keeping your water clean and heated. Water circulation enables the heating of the water and also certain pumps are used to draw the water through the filters to remove debris and dirt from the water. They also of course power the hydrotherapy jets too. Like any moving mechanical part over time, they will wear out and require service.

How do I know if my pump needs repairing?

Pumps are hidden inside your hot tub and cannot be seen without opening up your hot tub and visually inspecting them. As part of your hot tub care, we would strongly recommend regular inspections of the workings of your hot tub. This is carried out are part of our hot tub servicing regime. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms below then it is a good indication that you might require a hot tub pump repair:-

  • Mechanical noises
  • Constant whining noise, which usually indicates a problem with the bearings
  • Low pitched humming noise with no or little flow, could mean a seized pump
  • Puddles of water underneath the pump which are most likely to be leaking seals

If diagnosed early enough the pump can most likely be repaired and refurbished, if left then it could mean an expensive new spa pump!

How much does it cost to repair my hot tub pump?

To have you hot tub pump repaired and refurbished it would cost £179.99 inclusive of labour, parts, courier and VAT costs.

Whats included in the pump repair?

  • Collection and return courier service*
  • Comprehensive inspection of your hot tub pump
  • Replacement water seals fitted
  • New Start/Run Capacitor connected
  • New high quality bearings installed
  • Fully bench tested prior to return
  • Labour
  • 1 year warranty

Alternatively depending on your location can we arrange for a engineer to visit your hot tub to either repair on-site or remove your pump for repair and refit. In many cases due to the nature of the work it will need to be taken away to the workshop for repair. If any additional work or parts are required outside the normal refurbishment we will contact you.

*If you are local we do allow the pump to be dropped off at our Sudbury showroom, but we still request that the pump be boxed and correctly labelled.

Can you repair swim spa or exercise pool pumps?

Yes, we can! Most swim spas and exercise pools are fitted with the same pumps as a hot tub. If you have any questions regarding your swim spa pumps then please call us on 01787 370326 or fill out the form below.

What pumps can you repair?

All hot tubs and swim spas are fitted with pumps from a selection of different pump manufacturers, so it does not matter what make of hot tub. We can repair all makes of hot tub pump including:

  • Aqua-flo
  • Balboa
  • Espa
  • LX (Whirlpool)
  • Waterway
  • Spaform
  • Laing
  • Vico
  • Sta-rite
  • ITT Hydroair

Note: If your pump is a Hydroair Genesis GC150, we can refurbish these, although if a new impeller is required we are unable to supply these are they are no longer in manufacture.

What if my pump is beyond repair?

In some cases a pump can be beyond repair and refurbishment is just not possible. This can happen when the motor windings have failed or the pump is seized or the main parts of the motor or pump have degraded too far. On receipt of the pump our experienced engineer with making a full evaluation of your pump, if the pump is deemed to be beyond repair then can quote you for a replacement or return your old pump. You will not be charged for any labour or parts, however, any courier costs will be charged for.

How do I get my hot tub pump repaired?

  1. Download and complete the form using the link below.
  2. Carefully box and package the pump (including the completed pump repair form so we can identify the pump) ready for collection by the courier.
  3. Call us on 01787 370326 to arrange a convenient collection time and to make payment.
  4. Once the pump is returned to us the engineer will inspect your pump, if any additional work is required you will be contacted otherwise the pump with be refurbished and returned to you by courier.

To book a pump repair or if you have any questions, please complete the form below or call us on 01787 370326 or email us at [email protected].

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Last Updated: November 1, 2017