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e-Series hot tub models by Marquis

What Spa Approved 2017

The e-Series range of hot tubs by Marquis has been approved by WhatSpa? magazine and website. It is a practical choice, offering standard features such as insulation, SmartClean™ filtration, efficient equipment, e-zone™ hydrotherapy, stainless steel jet fittings, waterfalls, headrests and plug-and-play models. Some amazing options include:-

  • Twilight™ LED lighting system with backlit cup holders
  • Tempo™ audio system
  • Ozonator system with corona discharge

Browse the range of models here. See if the e-Series hot tubs are the right choice for your best life.

Marquis 750 Hot Tub

Marquis 660 Hot Tub

Marquis 545 Hot Tub
Marquis 524 Hot Tub
Marquis 435 Hot Tub
Marquis 425 Hot Tub
Marquis 322 Hot Tub
Marquis e-Series Running
Marquis e-Series Environments

e-Zone™ Hydrotherapy

system delivers the perfect massage every time, in every position. From neck and shoulder Exojet™s, to whole back therapy, additionally legs and feet, you’ll experience pure relief. All of the pleasure is operated by the convenient control which faces inward so it’s always at your fingertips.

SmartClean™ software

controls the filtration of the hot tub after you use it. It draws water and debris through the Quickskim™ filters to eliminate body oils, dirt, and debris. Mind-free water care…how smart!

e-Series™ hot tubs are e-wise

energy-wise and eco-wise. Any way you look at them, e-Series™ hot tubs are the easy, mindful choice. Easy to own and operate, they cost just pennies a day to run.

set the mood

with Twilight™ LED coloured lights. Not only does light permeate the hot tub water, it also glows the cup holders and soothing water features. Regardless of the acrylic colour, Twilight™ LED will enliven the evening with ever-revolving colour.

set the tone

with the soothing rhythms of the Tempo™ audio system. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, optional internet Wi-Fi transceiver with 1 year Cloud service, optional Audio Expansion Port, or optional RF Audio Control kit, the Tempo™ audio system expands your soak time enjoyment.

set the environment

with e-Series™ Environments™: perfectly coordinating benches, steps, shelves and accessories built of the same materials as the hot tub cabinets. They are super strong and hold up in the harshest weather.

Last Updated: April 23, 2018