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Here at the Tub Company we are passionate about our range of hot tubs. We understand that choosing your new hot tub can be a difficult choice. Some hot tubs can look very similar to the next one. We know that the Marquis range of hot tubs really does offer significant advantages over the competition. Read the points below. Do the brands that you have looked at really offer all of this?

  • Made in the USA
  • 5 year warranty
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Filtration
  • HOT zone technology
  • Ozonator
  • and much much more…

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Made in the USA

Made In USAAll Marquis Spa hot tubs are truly built in the USA, Unlike some companies who are perhaps based in the USA but any actual manufacturing is done in other countries.

5 year warranty

Your comprehensive owners protection plan for the Marquis Signature range:

  • 10 year structure
  • 7 year surface
  • 5 year plumbing
  • 5 year equipment
  • 5 year exterior
  • 2 year components
  • 1 year parts

Build quality

Marquis Industry AwardsOn the surface many hot tubs can look very similar. But if you really want see how well a hot tub has been put together, ask to look underneath the hot tub. Request that the cabinet is removed so you can get a look around underneath of the spa. Here you can really see how well the fit is and how well it has been finished.


Marquis ConstantClean™ Filtration
Essential to clean water and easy maintenance. Some manufacturers are still using a small circulation pump, this technology dates back to the 1970’s. Because these are small and low powered pumps they do not have the power to effectively ‘suck’ down and skim the water very well. The low flow rate of these pumps also means that they need to run for up to 24 hours a day. These 24 hour pumps move approximately 27 litres of water per minute. Marquis’ self-cleaning ConstantClean™ system use a high flow pump which can move up to 305 litres of water a minute. This methods enables:-

  • 100% of the water is filter over 68 times per day in an average hot tub
  • Energy efficient, runs for fewer hours
  • 100% of the water is filtered, Surface to floor, at the rate of 24,000 gallons every day!
  • Filters over twice the amount of water to a low-flow circulation pump system

HOT zone technology

Marquis High Output TherapyThe High Output Therapy (H.O.T) system is unique to the Marquis Spa Signature range. You will find no other hot tub with this system fitted.

Marquis use clusters of HK™40 jets to deliver professional relief to targeted areas of the body. The jets drive heat deep into the muscles, bringing relief without the pressure. These high output zones include:

  • Shoulder – an arch of jets from shoulder to shoulder
  • Lumbar – a cluster of jets from hip to spine to hip
  • Pillar – a strategically positioned row of jets
    • whirlpool system for passive therapy or close up targeted upper-body therapy
    • geyser system for passive therapy or extreme foot therapy
  • Foot – jets in the footwell to stimulate and ease the feet

Achieve serious relief of neck, back, wrists, legs, hips and even interior muscles such as chest and thighs.


Marquis Pure ComfortExtensive thought and design have gone into making Marquis hot tubs some of the most comfortable hot tubs.

Specialty seats, such as the Adirondack chair and full-body lounges, are meticulously carved by hand to conform to the contours the legs, hips, arms, back and neck and provide ergonomic support. Plus there’s a wide variety of seating depths to assure the ultimate soaking experience.

Marquis®’ footwells are extra generous to accommodate several people and long legs and feature a reflexology footwell.

UV vs Corona Discharge Ozonator

Some manufactures use a UV (ultra violet) system. This system is far less effect than a Ozone system and also adds to the running costs of the hot tub as the UV system (bulb) has to be replaced on an annual basis. Marquis Spa fit the Ozone system to their hot tubs. Just take a look at the additional benefits of ozone over UV.

Ozone UV
üOzone kills Cryptosporidium parvum üUV inactivates Cryptosporidium parvum
üOzone kills microorganisms üUV inactivates microorganisms
üOzone is a powerful oxidizer ûUV is not an oxidizer
üOzone functions well in cloudy water and is a micro-flocculent, which aids water clarity ûOnly clear water can be effectively dosed with UV; cloudiness in the water can absorb the UV light
üOzone oxidizes the organics and inorganics that create chloramines, eliminating their production ûUV breaks down chloramines that have been previously created
üOzone cells require no replacement; require annual periodic cleaning; no hazardous components ûMercury vapour lamps are replaced @ 3-12 mos.; disposal procedures must be considered as lamp gases are considered hazardous waste
üOzone destroys biofilm ûUV does not affect biofilm

And much much more…

These are just a few of the feature of the Marquis range. We haven’t really mentioned:

  • Durabase floors for solid protection
  • Durawood cabinets with authentic wood grained finish
  • Full foam insulation using Icynene
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Duracover with linear heat seals
  • Microsilk
  • Environments

Why buy from The Tub Company

The Tub Company Round LogoYou might be buying an excellent product, but what about the company that your buying it from? Will you get the support and advice you require? You need not worry there. With over 10 years experience with hot tubs, you can be assured of the best advice when choosing the right hot tub. And you can be assure of the best after sales service after we install your new hot tub.

  • Experience and Knowledge
  • In house installation, service and maintenance
  • Large selection of hot tubs and swim spas
  • Local showroom
  • After sales and customer support

We’re sure you’ll agree how good the Marquis hot tubs are. So make sure you come down and see the range and even try one out.
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