Cove Impulse Hot Tub

Cove Impulse Hot Tub
5 person | 14 jets


Size 199 x 79cm (78.5″ x 31″)
Jets 14 with DTS Whirlpool Therapy
Pumps 1 x 2.0hp (2 speed)
Ozone Included
Lighting White underwater light
Heater 2kw
Filtration 35 square foot
Insulation Standard 2 lbs.
Cover included


Cove Spa Insulation


Standard 2 pound closed cell spray on foam and the OPTIONAL T-20 certified Nordic Wrap insulation (as shown)

Cove Spa Control System

Control System

The flush-mounted, touch-button Digital Spa Control Panel provides full digital spa control. It provides on/off control of the dual speed 2hp massage pump. It also provides pinpoint setting and control of the spa water temperature via the integral 2kw heater and thermostat and control of the spa filtration cycles and timing.

Cove Spa Jets


From a gentle, comforting caress to a powerful and invigorating massage, all models have stainless steel jets with an additional four way Dual Therapy System turbo jet allowing a selective back massage or a training room whirlpool function.


The innovations on display in Nordic’s Impulse™ rivaled only by its lavish style, will impress the most discerning of spa users. Up to four bathers of any age can enjoy the deep, unobstructed seating and let tensions and worries stream away through swirling warmth and massage.

The Robb Report, internationally-renowned for rating premium products, selected USA built Nordic Hot Tubs™ as one of the five best spas in the world.

Sporting Nordic’s exclusive dual-therapy system (DTS™), you can enjoy not only classic hydrotherapy delivered via powerful, targeted jets, but also gentler, whirlpool therapy, proven to better alleviate whole-body soreness. Professional athletes all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of whole-body, whirlpool therapy for years, a feature you will find only in Nordic’s elegant creations.

Hand-crafted from the finest materials available, incorporating the same components found in spas costing three times as much, and offering Nordic’s dual-therapy system, the Impulse will envelop you in pleasure and relaxation.


Hot Tub Steps


Make accessing your new hot tub easy. With these large strong and durable steps. The non slip tread makes them safe to use in all conditions.

Hot Tub Coverlift

Cover lifter

Simplify your hot tub experience with a a cover lift. These high quality cover lift make storing your cover easy when your using the hot tub. The cover lift enables the cover to be stored behind the hot tub when in use, no need to be lifting the bulky covers off and prevent damage to your cover as its stored behind the hot tub off the ground.


Just a few examples of beautiful installations of the Red Spa 6001 hot tub around Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. For pictures of more recent installation why not follow our Facebook page.

Last Updated: August 16, 2017