Red Spa Hot Tubs for Sale

Red Spa Hot Tubs for Sale

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Why choose a Red Spa Hot Tub?

Take a look at our Red Spa hot tubs for sale. Not only do Red Spa hot tubs provide all the fantastic benefits that a hot tub gives you, including great therapy and a place to unwind and de-stress. But here are just a few reasons why you should choose a Red Spa hot tub:

  1. Super thick covers. With heat rising it makes sense to fit the best cover to keep all that heat in and costs down, don’t you think? Every single Red Spa model comes included an insulated cover with the thickest insulation available. These covers are designed for the most harsh climates with the added benefit of being able to withstand additional weight over a standard cover, so if they were accidentally walked over it would not break like most other covers.
  2. Triple layer insulation, to further reduce running costs each spa has extensive insulation fitted to the floor, the cabinets and also the shell of the hot tub. All these layers of insulation make Red Spa some of the cheapest hot tubs to run.
  3. Build quality. We firmly believe that Red Spa’s are amongst the best ’screwed’ together hot tubs you can buy. When your out looking to buy your next hot tubs you’ll find many hot tub manufacturers don’t want you looking behind the cabinets on their hot tubs, we’re proud to show you all around every part of a Red Spa hot tub, including underneath.
  4. Modern design. All Red Spa incorporate the latest designs. Just look at the beautiful design of each and every model with modern design touches like the checker plate flooring and clever features like inward facing speakers which provides better sound quality.

Explore the Red Spa range of hot tubs for sale

Red Spa 6001 Hot TubA 5 seater with twin loungers, designed with relaxation in mind. Perfect for couples to get relaxed and unwind in.
Red Spa 6002 Hot TubA high powered 6 seater with a single lounger. Perfect for all occasions with plenty of room for 6 people
Red Spa 6007 Hot TubAn all seated 7 to 8 person hot tub. An idea hot tub for socialising with room for lots of friends and family.
Red Spa 6003 Hot TubA 5 seater hot tub. Compact in size but still with twin loungers and 3 seats and all the luxury premium touches.
Red Spa 6004 Hot TubA 6 seater hot tub. Compact in size but still with room for 6 people and all the luxury premium touches.
Red Spa 6005 Hot TubA compact 5 seater hot tub with twin loungers designed with relaxation in mind. A great family or couples hot tub.
Red Spa 6006 Hot TubA 6 seater hot tub with a one lounger. With a 6006 hot tub you can enjoy friends and family, de-stress or enjoy a little ‘me’ time.
Red Spa 6008 Hot TubA 3 seater hot tub with a lounger and a small footprint. Ideal if you are constrained on space or just don’t need the room of the larger hot tubs.
Red Spa 7023 Hot TubA hot tub that really stands out from the crowd with its classic round shape. Packed with modern technology and features.
Last Updated: June 27, 2018