Red Spa 6002


  • Premium Red Spa hot tub model
  • 6 person hot tub including 1 lounger
  • 60 jets
  • LED lighting
  • 3 pumps
  • Total enclosure insulation

Red Spa 6002 6 person Hot Tub


Red Spa WiFi ConnectivityConnectivityConnect your smart phone or tablet to your hot tub and create the ultimate remote control for your hot tub. Control and program the functions and features of you hot tub from anywhere.
Red Spa Luxury
Luxury All Red Spa Premium hot tubs include fabulous LED lighting consisting of a programable underwater light with individual LED lights around the waterline. The optional luxury upgrade option will enhance your hot tub experience by adding LED backlit jets, controls, drinks holders and a backlit waterfall.
Red Spa AudioEntertainment Add music to your Red Spa 6001 with the optional Bluetooth music entertainment system. The kit includes a bluetooth and USB music player and which outputs to waterproof speakers and a high powered 6″ subwoofer.
Red Spa EfficiencyEfficiency Red Spa Premium tubs have a total enclosure insulation system, the floor, shell and cabinet are full insulated with a thick reflective layer. Premium covers are now extra thick for maximum heat retention in all weather conditions.


Just a few examples of beautiful installations of the Red Spa 6002 hot tub around Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. For pictures of more recent installation why not follow our Facebook page.


A high powered 6 seater with a single lounger. Perfect for all occasions with room for 6 people it is ideal for families to enjoy the outdoors all year round in but still with the power to unwind with a complete hydrotherapy massage.

The Red Spa 6002 hot tub is a large 6 seater spa with a single lounger fitted. One of Red Spa’s largest hot tubs at 2.3m x 2.3m (7 1/2 feet). The lounger is fitted with a combination of 10 back jets fitted with both directional and pulse jets ideally positioned for the perfect back massage. The lounger seat is also equipped with leg and foot directional jets and adjustable headrests.

The Red Spa 6002 comes with 2 captains chairs fitted, Each has a different back jet configuration to enable the perfect massage whatever your needs are. One seat has 6 directional jets and the other seat has 10 storm jets fitted to enable that deep down massage just where its needed. Both have the 4 reverse neck and shoulder jets fitted for that deep shoulder and neck massage.

The Red Spa 6002 is also equipped with 3 other seats each with 4 directional jets fitted.

1. Efficiency All Red Spa hot tubs are designed with efficiency in mind

  • Every Red Spa Premium hot tub shell is layered with a high-density foam insulation.
  • Premium models are fitted with thick reflective insulation on both floor and cabinet.
  • Ultra thick ‘arctic conditions’ 12cm covers
Hot Tub Control2. Total Control Configure your hot tub the way you want

  • Individually adjustable jets and each seat is fitted with adjustable air valves.
  • Full colour control system with an easy to use interface.
  • Integrate audio controls (available with in.Stream2 audio upgrade)
  • Save time and money with in-built water care selection programs.
Red Spa Quality3. Quality Every Red Spa is hand built to the highest standards to exceed your requirements. They incorporate the latest design and styling ideas.

Whats Included?

All Premium Red Spa hot tubs supplied by The Tub Company come included with:

  • Cover Lift – Makes opening and storing your cover easy! Also protects your cover from damage
  • Steps – You need to get in your new hot tub somehow!
  • Chemical Starter Pack – Everything you need to get going with your water care.

In addition The Tub Company also include free of charge the following services with every Premium Red Spa:-

  • Delivery and Installation (pending access and location)
  • Electrical hook and commission – we’ll connect up your new hot tub, fill and commission it.
  • Training – We make sure your comfortable with how your hot tub works and how to look after it


Seating: 6
Dimensions: 230 x 230 x 88 cm (91” x 91” x 35”)
Total Jets: 60
Pumps: 3 (1 x 2.5 hp (2-speed), 2 x 2.0hp)
Heater: 3kw
Underwater light: Multi-colour
LED Waterfall: Optional
Perimeter LED light system: Yes
Backlight jets: Optional
Backlit cup holders and control valves: Optional
Ozonator and mixing unit: Yes
Head Cushions: Yes
Insulation: Shell, floor and cabinet
Thermal Cover: 12.5cm tapered cover
Jets: Black/Chrome
Frame: Pressure treated wood
Filtration: 100 sq. foot
Cabinet: Maintenace free wood effect
Bluetooth audio with USB: Optional
in.Stream stereo system: Optional
in.Touch WiFi Module: Optional
Control System: Gecko
Electrical Req: 32 amp


MP3/Bluetooth Stereo

Red Spa AudioBluetooth/MP3 stereo with speakers and 6″ subwoofer

in.Stream2 Integration

Red Spa Instream2Upgrade from the standard Bluetooth/MP3 with the integrated Gecko inStream.2 system

in.touch WiFi

Red Spa InTouch2Turn your device into a remote control for your hot tub so you can program and control your hot tub remotely

Luxury Pack

Red Spa LuxuryEnhance your hot tub experience with this luxury lighting package with backlit controls, jets, drinks holders and waterfall feature.


Red Spa Colour Options 2018

Service Package

Buying your Red Spa is just the beginning. We’re always thinking about how to make owning a Red Spa hot tub an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Our fixed price service package covers the scheduled servicing of your hot tub with one single payment for the entire year. Our service packages are designed to take care of all your scheduled servicing needs, offering an inflation proof and worry free option so you’re free to simply enjoy your hot tub.

The plan includes 3 x fresh start services and 1 x full service. Some of the core benefits are:

  • Complementary core chemical top ups e.g. Testing strips, Chlorine, pH adjusters
  • Discounted callout fee
  • 15% discount of all chemicals, parts and hot tub and garden living accessories

The annual service package for your hot tub costs £599 for the year. Making savings of £67 in service costs and up to £140 in chemicals costs and this does not take into account the other additional savings and benefits. Click here for more details on our hot tub service maintenance package.

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Last Updated: July 17, 2018