Top up on your essential water care products such as Chlorine, Non-Chlorine Shock and pH Adjusters.


  • Water Testing

    Water Testing (2)

    Accurate water testing is essential for safe and balanced water. Test your water with our range of testing products which are quick and easy to read. Online at The Tub Company.
  • Water Balance

    Water Balance (6)

    Adjust your water pH and Total Alkalinity with our easy to use water balance products from The Tub Company. With fast next day delivery.
  • Sanitisers

    Sanitisers (13)

    Keep your water safe and clean using a sanitising chemical. Chlorine, Bromine and Spa Frog cartridges.
  • Oxidisers/Shock

    Oxidisers/Shock (4)

    Remove organic contaminants from your hot tub water with regular shock treatments. Available online from The Tub Company with next day delivery.