Inverpac Elite 12.5kw Air Source Heat Pump


  • 12.5 kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Inverter Technology for maximum efficiency
  • Heating and cooling functionality
  • WiFi controls
  • Low-Temperature Operation capable of working down to -12 celsius
  • Unique design ABS cabinet, durable and anti-corrosive
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger for super efficient heat exchanging and anti-scaling
  • Whisper Quiet down to 40dB
  • Auto-Defrost
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Inverpac Air Source Heat Pumps offer amazing performance. They use the latest inverter technology for maximum performance and efficiency. Operating down to temperatures as low as -12c.

With different running modes for added flexibility: Turbo (for fast heating), Smart (best combination of performance and economy) and Silent (for quietest operation)

The twisted titanium heat exchangers offer a 30% larger contact surface for better transfer of heat and faster heat exchange. Titanium material offers long-lasting chemical and scale resistance.


Wifi control makes is easy to control the air pump, change temperate, running modes and switch from cooling to heating.


Cooling functionality also makes it possible to cool your tub or swim spa in hot weather.


Performance at air 28°C, water 28°C, humidity 80%
Heating capacity7.5-2.2 kW9.5-2.3 kW12.5-2.9 kW
Power consumption1.3-0.14 kW1.55-0.14 kW2-0.18 kW
Performance at Air 15°C, water 26°C, Humidity 70%
Heating capacity4.7-2.5 kW6.6-1.9 kW8.5-2 kW
Power consumption1.02-0.35 kW1.43-0.27 kW1.89-0.28 kW
Compressor typeInverter compressor
Rated current5.8 amps
Heat exchangerTwist-titanium tube in PVC
Noise level(10m)< 41 dB< 42 dB< 42 dB
Noise level(1 m)40 - 50 dB40-52 dB40-52 dB
Net weight56kg68kg68kg
Rated current942 x 375 x 695mm942 x 375 x 695mm1066 x 426 x 835 mm