ClariSpa (10 tablets)


ClariSpa is easy to apply treatment for cloudy water. It improves the fineness of the filtration of your hot tub and clarifies the water in 48 hours

  • Clarifies hot tub water within 24 hours
  • Reduces disinfection product consumption
  • Does not affect pH or Total Alkalinity
  • Chemically neutral to protect the environment
  • Non-Irritant, Non-Toxic
  • 10 tablets per box

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Usage instructions:

  • Adjust the pH of the hot tub and the sanitiser level (i.e chlorine, bromine)
  • Place one tablet per 1 to 2m3 (removing the protective wrapper) in the filter skimmer basket
  • Renew the tablet every 3 – 4 weeks or as necessary

The lozenge does not contain copper, it is non-irritant and non-toxic.