Cloudy Water Survival Kit

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Cloudy water is something that all hot tubs suffer from at one point or another. With a good water maintenance regime and best usage habits, these can be kept to a minimum. But when it does happen our Cloudy Water kit consists of the main tools you can use to overcome cloudy water.

The kit consists of

  • 1-litre No-Foam to remove unsightly foam build-up when you are using the hot tub
  • 500ml Instant Filter Cleaner – to deep clean your filter and remove oils and greases which contaminate your water
  • 1 litre Hot Tub Clarifier which helps the filtering process remove small particles which are too small for the filter to collect
  • 1 kg Non-Chlorine Shock – an oxidizer which will burn off (or oxidizer) organic contaminants causing the cloudy water.

For more guidance on cloudy water read our post on how to fix cloudy water.