Darlly Pure-Stream De-ionizer


Darlly Pure-Stream De-ionizer

Effective in hard water areas, the Pure-Stream simply fits on to the end of a garden hose and filters out the calcium in the water as it passes through the filter when filling a spa or hot tub.

Lasting 40 fills, Pure-Stream can be used with all conventional water treatments.

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Hard water is NOT good for your spa or hot tub. It can cause cloudy “gassy” water, it will certainly block your filter with limescale, you can spend more than £150 over 3 years unnecessarily in chemicals and it will invariably damage/limit the efficiency of your heater.

Fill your spa using the Darlly Pure-Stream De-Ioniser and you will be rid of all these problems. This is NOT the same as using a water softener – this device (which lasts for 5-6 fills that’s about 2-3 years) de-ionises the calcium thus rendering it harmless to your system.

It’s like filling your spa with ‘Evian’ bottled water!

Please Note: For more lasting effectiveness please refill the Pure-Stream with salt water and leave in the device between fills.

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