Santistream Spa Pod New DL815+


DL815+ Pod come with a cap but not the removable (Yellow ) handle.

Santistream SpaPod Tablet Dispenser for use with Darlly SaniStream filters

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Darlly Europe’s revolutionary SaniStream® Direct Line Filtration system is a new and unique technology which combines the world’s finest hot tub filters with a safe, convenient and effective sanitiser dispenser to give an integrated spa water treatment system. SaniStream® is suitable for both domestic hot tubs and allows compliance with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations for hot tubs installed in holiday let units.

The Darlly SaniStream dispenser takes the hassle out of chemical dosing to spas on a regular basis.

The simple design means chlorine or bromine tablets can be inserted and the dispenser to be either locked to the underside of a removable filter handle or slotted internally into the filter hole on compatible SaniStream Filters.

Setting can be adjusted accordingly by twisting the outer casing of the SaniStream dispenser to reveal more or less outlet holes.

The SaniStream dispenser is re-usable.

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