Full Service (Hot Tub)


Full Service for your Hot Tub



We recommend a Full Service to be carried out on a hot tub annually to remove hard water or chemical deposits and any stubborn bacteria from deep within the plumbing. A thorough technical check of the hot tub’s control systems and components within the spas is also undertaken during this visit and complete report produced. A Full Service, like with a car service, will help to keep your hot tub and its equipment in tip top condition. This should be done each year to remove hard water or chemical deposits and any stubborn bacteria from deep within the plumbing. A full technical check of the spa control systems and general operation is also undertaken during this visit.

  • Complete system flush – A chemical wash out of the pumps and pipework using a chemical cleaner to remove any build up of dirt and fat that may have accumulated.
  • Clean and degrease filter elements – Using a supplied cleaning solution, note older filters may need replacing **
  • Empty, deep cleanse, wet vacuum and rinse of hot tub shell.
  • Jets and pillows removed, inspected and cleaned.
  • Full inspection of components – All components such as pump, blowers, etc are checked. Pumps checked for noise and leaks, etc *
  • Check ozonator – clean and descale if necessary
  • Full plumbing inspection for leaks – All pipe work and glued joints are checked *
  • Check heater and circulation pumps is clear of scale
  • Tighten all unions and inspect, replace and seals if necessary
  • Hot Tub refilled with fresh water
  • Hot Tub started and all pumps primed of air
  • Initial water balance using customers chemicals
  • Clean and inspect cover and treat with vinyl protectorant
  • Service report with any comments and advise

* Pending access
** Filter are additional cost

How to book

To book a service – just add the required service to the basket and checkout. Once completed a member of our service team will call you to arrange a convenient date to carry out your service. If you have any preferred dates, please add them to the comments box on the checkout page.


  1. We require the hot tub to be fully operational – we cannot service a hot tub that is not functioning
  2. The hot tub needs to be full of water (the existing water is fine)
  3. Access to drain (or area when you want the water drained)
  4. Hose and water supply to refill the hot tub
  5. Access to a power socket for the service engineer

Please ensure these requirements are met, if we are unable to service the hot tub a callout fee may be charged.

Please note – Price is for services carried out within a 40 mile radius. If you live outside this radius there might be a fuel surcharge. Additional mileage is charged at £1 per mile (one-way)