Pure-Spa Hot Tub Surface Cleaner Spray 500ml


For easy cleaning of your hot tub shell & cover.

Pure-Spa, Hot Tub surface cleaner is a multi-use antibacterial spray that will help to remove grime, waterline scum marks & bathing deposits from your hot tub surfaces.

The non-abrasive formulation means that there is no risk of damage to your spa finish.
Just spray directly onto surfaces or onto a cloth and then wipe away with a soft damp cloth.

Suitable for Spa shells, covers, jets, inc Gold Plate, Brass, Plastics, Acrylic, Fibre Glass, and more..

500ml Trigger Spray

For best results – Use within 12 months
Storage – keep out of sunlight

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For easy cleaning of your hot tub shell & cover.

  • Multipurpose, hard surface antibacterial cleaner
  • For use on:
    Interior surface of your spa shell, including Acrylic, Fibre-Glass & Plastic
    Vinyl Spa covers
    Spa Jets, including Gold Plate, Brass, Plastic & Chrome plated
  • Also Suitable for hard surfaces such as Bathroom fittings, Gym equipment, Sunbeds
  • Easy & quick to use – No need to rinse
  • Cleans and shines in one operation
  • Kills MRSA in only one minute of contact time
  • Spray directly onto the surface or onto a cloth.
  • Volume 500ml Trigger Spray