Lo-Chlor Hot Tub and Spa Polish


Hot Tub & Spa Polish seals, polishes and protects all acrylic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. This gives protection against moisture, harsh chemicals and UV rays enabling a showroom finish to the surface leaving it smooth to the touch with a gloss look. This product no longer contains any fragrance.
  • Seals & Protects all hot tub surfaces.
  • Extends the life of vinyl and rubber surfaces.
  • Can aid colour restoration.
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Please Note: The formulation of this product has been changed and improved. In order to accomplish this, we have withdrawn the fragrance.


  1. Always ensure the surface to be treated is clean and free from debris.
  2. Turn the nozzle on the trigger spray applicator from the STOP to SPRAY position.
  3. Apply Hot Tub & Spa Polish via the following methods:
    • Using a clean soft cloth: Spray Hot Tub & Spa Polish onto the cloth, ensuring the cloth becomes damp, and apply using circular motions ensuring all the required area is treated.
    • Spraying directly: Spray Hot Tub & Spa Polish directly on the surface to be treated and then with a soft clean cloth apply evenly over the entire surface area using circular motions.
  4. After application allow to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Buff off lightly with a clean dry cloth.
  6. After use turn the nozzle of the spray applicator from SPRAY to STOP and store the bottle safely.


  1. When applying Hot Tub & Spa Polish to the acrylic shell after drain down, always allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes before refilling the hot tub/spa.
  2. Hot Tub & Spa Polish can also be used on the headrests, however always ensure these are removed from the shell to avoid the product entering the water. Treated headrests should be allowed to dry prior to re-fitting.
  3. Hot Tub & Spa Polish can also be used to protect many other surfaces such as garden furniture, car interiors and exteriors, household work surfaces, stainless steel, and uPVC (can aid colour restoration on uPVC).
  4. Hot Tub & Spa Polish can be applied in either wet or dry conditions. For best results apply in dry conditions.