Lo-Chlor No More Foam Spray


L0-Chlor No More Foam Spray

Rapidly removes unsightly foam from the surface of the hot tub water. In an easy to use 458ml spray bottle for easy application.

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Shake the bottle well.
Turn the nozzle on the trigger spray applicator from the STOP to SPRAY position.
Spray sparingly over the affected area, being careful not to overdose.
After use, turn the nozzle of the spray applicator from SPRAY to STOP and store the bottle safely.
Always apply No More Foam with the pump running to help distribution.
When the foam is present in your hot tub or spa it is a sign that your water is out of balance, in particular, high levels of unwanted dissolved compounds. These arise from sweat, oil, shampoo and soap that wash off users of the spa or hot tub. Combined with the higher running temperature, vigorous agitation of the water and the introduction of air.
Always encourage users to shower before use to help minimise foaming of the water.
Overdosing with antifoam can reverse the process and increase foaming over time.
N.B. No More Foam does not remove or inactivate foam causing compounds. It only temporarily reduces their ability to produce foam.

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