O-Care Spa Water Care


O-Care removes & prevents biofilm and constantly cleans the Spa so you need fewer chemicals there for it’s safe and it protects the main components.
O-Care is made up of a mixture of high-quality minerals so it makes the water in your Spa more NATURAL and it will leave your skin Soft and Odorless!

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What Does O-Care Do To Help Me?

  • O-care prevents biofilm build-up in your hot tub pipes, this will make your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) more efficient and make your hot tub water better in general.
  • Safe – Using O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine used by 78%. This means a safer spa environment for your family.
  • Soft – Softens your spa water, making your spa experience better, your skin feel softer after use and gives a more natural feel to your spa water.
  • Simple – Just add 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included.
  • Another benefit of O-care is less strain on your pumps, filters and other components due to less biofilm build-up which leads to better and more consistent flow.

How much do I need to use?

  • Depends on the size of your spa. 100ml of each bottle for a 1,000-litre spa. See Directions For Use for full dosing grid.
  • Each box will last 2-5 months depending on the water volume of your hot tub.

Download the App

This app is simple but unique because it enables you to fix any water issue you might have anywhere in the world. The Aqua Tool from O-Care will help you with water maintenance with any kind of hot tub, small pool or swim spa. It starts with the basics and helps you step by step to fix any problem so you don’t need to be a water chemist.

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