Spa Chlorine Tablets 20g (Mini) 5kg


Chlorine Mini Tablets 5kg

Used to keep your hot tub or pool free from bacteria. For use with a floating chemical dispenser

  • Water Sanitiser
  • Slow Dissolving
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Spa Chlorine Mini (20g) Tablets are slow dissolving and specifically formulated for the disinfection of Spa and Hot Tub Water. These tablets should be dosed via a specific floating dispenser or an erosion feeder device.


  1. 1. Maintain the pH balance between 7.4 – 7.6
  2. On STARTUP and COMMISSIONING of new water always use SPA CHLORINE GRANULES to Shock Dose the water to a minimum of 20 PPM with circulation/blowers on and all covers off.
  3. Test the water using a CHLORINE test kit, the ideal reading is between 4 – 6ppm.
  4. Use 2 Spa Chlorine Mini Tablets in either a floating dispenser or erosion feeder to treat up to 1500lt of water.
  5. Monitor the Chlorine readings, you may have to adjust the flow on the dispenser/feeder.
  6. If you experience difficulties please contact your local dealer.

Note: Please ensure your hot tub is suitable for use with Chlorine tablets

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