Hot Tub Repair

Our team of skilled hot tub engineers will quickly get your hot tub back up and running and whatever the problem you are experiencing.

To discuss any problem that you are experiencing with your hot tub call us on 01787 370326 or email us at

Some of the more common spa repairs we do

Hot Tub Repair Heater


The heater, of course, is an essential part required to keep your hot tub from becoming a cold tub. The lifespan of a heater can be dramatically shortened by misuse of water chemicals and also scaling.


Leaks (Plumbings, Pips and Hoses). There are many causes of leaks in a hot tub from a simple loose joint on a pump or heater to cracks caused by freezing when the hot tub has been left switched off.

Hot Tub Repair Electrical


Circuit boards and control systems. These are the ‘brains’ of your hot tub. They control the core functions of your hot tub including the circulations, heating and pumps. Symptoms caused by malfunctioning control systems can be hard to identify. At the Tub Company, our engineers have many years of experience with such issues and can usually diagnose these problems very quickly.


Many jets in a hot tub offer some more of adjustability whether from just being able to turn the jet on or off to adjust the flow and direction of the water. Incorrect water balance and over chlorination can lead to problems with the jets and also debris in the water can build up behind the jets and cause additional wear and tear.

The area’s we cover for hot tub repairs

We are based in on the Essex/Suffolk border in Sudbury, in addition to covering Suffolk and Essex, we also cover all of East Anglia including Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. If you are unsure please do call to check if we cover your area or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

What makes of hot tubs and swim spa can we repair?

We can repair the all the major spas and hot tubs including:-
Aegean Apollo, Arctic, Artesian, Baja, Barrier Reef, Beachcomber, Bullfrog, Cal, Canadian, Catalina, Coast, Coleman, Costco, Coyote, D1, Diamante, Dolphin, Down East, Dream Maker, Dynasty, Easy Spa, Eco Spa, Elite, Emerald, Fantasy, Freedom, Freeflow, Garden Leisure, Gulf Coast, Hot Springs, Hydro Spa, Hydropool, Iberspa, Insparations, Jacuzzi, LA, Leisure Bay, Leisurite, Marquis, Master Spa, Mistral, Northstar, Pacific, Passion, PDC Spas, Rotospa, Saratoga, Signature, Softub, South West, Spa N A Box, Spaform, Strong, Sun Ray, Sunbelt, Sundance, Sunrise, Tiger River, Vita, Voyager, SpaServe.

Replacement parts for your hot tub

We can supply hot tub parts or swim spa parts? We offer a comprehensive hot tub parts service. Including hot tub heaters, pumps, air blowers, ozonators and jets. At The Tub Company we have considerable experience of identifying and supplying the hot tub parts you need. We stock a core of different parts for a variety of hot tubs and spas and if we don’t have it in stock then we can usually get it for you – fast!

What parts can we supply?

Hot Tub Repair Heater


Heater Elements Heater Tubes Pressure Switches Brands: Balboa, Davey/Spa Power, Gecko, AeWare, Hydroquip, ACC, LX


Water Jets Air Jets Jet Diffusers Brands: Waterway, Pentair, Gunite


Circulation Pumps Jet Pumps Motors Wet Ends Impellers Capacitors Brands: Waterway, Spaform, Espa, LX

Hot Tub Air Blower

Air Blowers

Blower Motors Brands: Air Supply, CG Air, Genesis & ITT, LX, Spa Quip/Davey

Control Boxes, Topsides & PCB

Control Boxex PCB Boards Touch Panels Brands: Balboa, ACC, Gecko, Chinese


Ozonators (Corona Discharge and UV) Mazzi Injectors Brands: Balboa, Vian, Eclipse, Del

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