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We offer a range of Traditional and Infrared Saunas. Indoors and outdoor saunas including a fully bespoke service for any space in your home.

Improve your wellbeing with a Sauna from The Tub Company

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Not only do they make you feel great, but just a hot tub they have a variety of health benefits too:-

  • Improved blood circulation, calorie burn and weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Boost athletic recovery – fresh blood through the body, i.e. muscle recovery
  • Boosted immune system – the higher temperature makes your body inhospitable place for them whilst creating more white blood cells.
  • Detoxification – open pores and sweating out impurities for the body, purge from your system.
  • Respiratory benefits with steam
  • Relaxation and stress relief with better sleep.

What we offer

We offer a range of sauna, and infrared solutions including prefabricated units, outdoor barrel saunas and a bespoke solution to suit your exact needs. 

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Outdoor Barrel

Experience an outdoor sauna with our range of barrel saunas. Available in either Hemlock or natural Cedar wood for that beautiful aroma.

Tylo Saunas at The Tub Company


Range of high quality traditional and infrared Finnish Saunas. With complete bespoke designs.

Not sure what a sauna is?

A sauna is a small room or building designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat. The high temperatures make your body sweat and promote a variety of health benefits and overall wellness.

Although there are many different sauna types, we offer the two most popular versions: the traditional sauna and infrared.

Sauna (Hot and Dry)

A ‘traditional’ sauna room is heated to a high temperature, typically 70 – 90c. The heater is often electrically powered, but if you fancy something more traditional wood-fired heaters are available. The bather can then throw water over heated stones to produce steam to provide a ‘rush’ of heat. 

Although the sauna’s temperature is very high, it is very low humidity, typically 5 – 10%. The low moisture (or dry heat) allows the bodies to evaporate, allowing the body to cool quickly. When steam is created by pouring water on the heated rocks, this steam condensates on the skin, stopping the bodies cooling process and giving that sensation of high heat.

Just think on those humid summer days, although the temperature is lower, the high humidity makes it feel much hotter because the skin’s moisture is preventing the sweat from evaporating and cooling the body.

Some saunas can have multilevel benches fitted, the higher benches for a hotter experience and lower levels for a more moderate temperature.

Some advantages of a sauna

  • Traditional solution
  • Added benefits of steam
  • The bather can control the humidity with the water over hot stones.
  • Protection against memory diseases, e.g. dementia, reduced risk of pneumonia, improved arterial stiffness, reduced risk of respiratory illness.
  • Psychological and lifestyle – reduced stress, improved relaxation, sleep

Infrared (Fast and Efficient)

Infrared saunas heat the body, not the environment. Infrared panels emit far-infrared light. They are absorbed by the body as radiant heat, causing the user to warm up internally and start sweating. Infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature, around 50 – 65c so can be more comfortable to experience. Usually, they don’t have the option of steam unless an optional steam generator is installed.  

Full Spectrum or Far-Infrared

Infrared wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat. There are different wavelengths which offer various treatments. 

  • Near – superficial penetration ideal for skin
  • Middle – deeper for circulation and pain and muscle management
  • Far – Help detox by increasing body core and increase sweating

Full-spectrum panels emit infrared on all these wavelengths for maximum benefits. 


  • With lower temperature, you can spend more time in
  • Convenience with fast heat-up times
  • Lower running costs, infrared heaters require less power.
  • Good for skin ailments and tense or aching muscles
  • Infrared benefits????

What are the main differences between sauna and infrared

  • Saunas are dry low humidity, and the environment is heated.
  • Infrared has a lower operating temperature, convenient instantly ready to use with lower running costs.
  • Sauna has steam – therefore increases sweat and circulation. Also good for respiration.
  • With Cedar constructed saunas, the heat brings out the rich aroma of the wood.