Infrared and Steam Saunas

Outdoor Saunas

Here at the Tub Company, we are excited to introduce our new range of Saunas. The sauna’s use the traditional method of hot stone with water to create the heat and steam. The round shape of the sauna makes is easy for condensation to run down the side. Our saunas are suitable for outdoor use.

Benefits of a sauna

Not only do they make you feel great, but just a hot tub they have a variety of health benefits too:-

  • Improved blood circulation, calorie burn and weight loss
  • Respiratory relief and pain relief
  • Endorphin release and stress relief
  • Healthy skin tone, improved well sleep
  • Enhanced immune system

Our barrel saunas are supplied in a variety of sizes to suit 2 to 6 people. We offer 2 variations of the barrel sauna – with or without a canopy. Available in either a traditional 38.5mm Red Canadian Cedar or more cost-effective Pine. All saunas are pre-treated for outside use and require minimal maintenance.

Standard Accessories

  • Glass door
  • Bitumen roof
  • Harvia electrical heater with stones *
  • Cup holder and robe hook
  • Sand timer, thermometer and hydrometer
  • Bucket and ladel

Classic barrel sauna (with canopy)

Outdoor Sauna For Sale in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk at The Tub Company
Prices from £2,599
ModelSize (L x W x H)HeaterCapacity
M66C180 x 182 x 191 cm4.5kw2 – 4
M67C210 x 182 x 191 cm6kw2 – 4
M68C235 x 182 x 191 cm6kw4 – 6

Classic barrel sauna

Outdoor Barrel Sauna For Sale in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk at The Tub Company
Prices from £2,599
Model Size (L x W x H) Heater Capacity
M66C 180 x 182 x 191 cm 4.5kw 2 – 4
M67C 210 x 182 x 191 cm 6kw 2 – 4
M68C 235 x 182 x 191 cm 6kw 4 – 6

Sauna Gallery

Please note all our wooden saunas will require hard wiring and cannot run off a standard 13 amp supply.

* Finnleo CE Heater fitted to Pine versions