Outdoor Barrel Saunas

Traditional Outdoor Saunas from just £4,499

Traditional Outdoor Barrel Saunas

For a complete outdoor sauna experience, there is nothing else like one of our outdoor barrel saunas. Choose from either natural Hemlock wood or Cedar with its amazing natural fragrance. The included electric heater makes it easy and convenient to heat. Ladle water over the heated stone for that blast of steam and heat. 

Open Design

Fitted with glass front and rear to allow natural light in


Choose from either Hemlock or Cedar wood


Fitted with an approved electric heater with stones


Protected with a bitumen roof for all year round use

Sauna Details

  • Glass door
  • Choice of oil-treated Hemlock or Cedar
  • Bitumen roof
  • Electrical heater with igneous sauna rocks
  • Sand timer, thermometer and hydrometer
  • Bucket and ladle
  • Sizes available: 180 x 176 x 197cm (2-4 person) or 235 x 176 x 197 (4-6 person)
  • Wood: Red Cedar or Hemlock
  • Heater: 4.5kw (2-4 person) 6kw (4-6 person)

Please note electric heaters require a minimum 25 amp power supply. 

Sauna Gallery

Wood Burning Sauna Stove

Go completely off grid and swap out the electric heater for a beautiful wood-burning stove. Ask for more details