Physiotherm Saunas

Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply the Physiotherm range of saunas. However, we do now offer a range of traditional steam sauna’s. We have a range of infrared sauna’s coming soon also. Explore our saunas here.

Physiotherm Saunas For Sale

Physiotherm uses the power of heat to naturally soothe ailments, provide a long-term feeling of well-being and support your health. Its unique technology uses infrared-C radiation as a pleasant deep heat which permits an even and optimal thorough warming of your entire body

Heat has been successfully used in healing for milennia to soothe a wide range of ailments. Today, thanks to Physiotherm, it works from the inside out, gently and efficiently. And, besides that, looks very good.

The Physiotherm Principle

1. Thermoneutral zone relaxes

Unlike conventional saunas which operate at temperatures which many find uncomfortable. Physiotherm infrared cabins operate at a pleasant air temperature of approx. 27-37 degrees Celsius (thermoneutral zone) the body is able to relax while additional heat is applied exclusively through the back.

2. Lava sand stores heat

The special lava sand, held in ceramic tubes, stores the applied heat for a longer period of time.

3. Blood transports heat

The emitter gives out infrared C radiation – this is transformed into heat on the skin and then transported deep into the body via the blood.

4. Sweating from the inside out

Physiotherm infrared cabins operate significantly below the fever range of 38 degrees Celsius (core body temperature) yet still cause perspiration which helps circulation.

Limited Stress on the Body and the Skin

Dosed heat can noticeably stimulate pain relief, muscle relaxation, blood flow and physical relaxation. In order to do so without significantly increasing the core body temperature, causing stress or stressing the body and skin, a different type of heat is needed: Physiotherm infrared heat.

Why more than 50,000 private clients choose Physiotherm

With more than 50,000 private clients Physiotherm has amassed a lot of experience. Whether in private homes, thermal baths, rehabilitation centres, health-orientated hotels and spas or in hobby rooms and home fitness areas: Physiotherm offers generous and space-saving, exclusive and classic infrared cabins for every situation – including best sellers such as the Ergo-Balance 2 Deluxe.

All of them offer the best heat for your health.