Hot Tub and Swim Spa Servicing

Leaving you more time to enjoy your hot tub

We offer separate service options so you can choose when and how we service your hot tub. Our service packages give you the peace of mind to know your hot tub is covered for the next 12 months. 

Here at The Tub Company, we have on offer a wide variety of services and products designed to enhance your hot tub experience and make maintenance of your hot tub a simple cost-effective matter.

Regular hot tub servicing and maintenance is something all hot tubs require. Over time unwelcome deposits can build-up in the plumbing of your hot tub. Servicing your hot on a regular basis will remove these accumulations.

Looking after your hot tub and implementing a maintenance schedule for both new and used hot tub will help keep your hot tub clean and increase the longevity of your hot tub bringing you many more years of relaxing enjoyment.

If you have experienced a breakdown and need your hot tub repairing then we can assist. We can get your hot tub repaired and back up and running again. Whether you just need a hot tub part or you require a repair to be carried, whatever your need we can help you.

So If you’re looking for a hot tub maintenance and service company who can help with all your hot tub needs, even if you’re just having problems with water care, then we are that company for you. We can provide help with:-

Servicing and Hot Tub Cleaning

  • Repairs and Parts

  • Accessories

  • Water Care


Full Service

Deep Cleanse
£ 239
  • Plumbing flush
  • Deep Cleanse
  • Full Inspection

Fresh Start

Water Change
£ 149
  • Plumbing flush
  • Water change

Shut Down

£ 149
  • Plumbing flush
  • Equipment & pipework draindown

Start Up

£ 149
  • Refill and balance
  • Inspection

Servicing Questions and Answers

Contact us on 01787 370326 or email us at [email protected]

If there is anything else you’d like to purchase from our range of hot tub essentials, toys, fragrances or from our great range of home and garden accessories – place your order when you book your service and we’ll deliver free on the day.

We can service hot tubs and swim spas in South East England, Midlands and East Anglia – including Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, but we have been as far as Belfast and Edinburgh on repairs. Please call us for a call out fee to your area, our fees are based on your location.

We can service the all the major hot tubs and swim spas including:
Aegean Apollo, Arctic, Artesian, Baja, Barrier Reef, Beachcomber, Bullfrog, Cal, Canadian, Catalina, Coast, Coleman, Costco, Coyote, D1, Diamante, Dolphin, Down East, Dream Maker, Dynasty, Easy Spa, Eco Spa, Elite, Emerald, Fantasy, Freedom, Freeflow, Garden Leisure, Gulf Coast, Hot Springs, Hydro Spa, Hydropool, Iberspa, Insparations, Jacuzzi, LA, Leisure Bay, Leisurite, Marquis, Master Spa, Mistral, Northstar, Pacific, PDC Spas, Rotospa, Saratoga, Signature, Softub, South West, Spa N A Box, Spaform, Strong, Sun Ray, Sunbelt, Sundance, Sunrise, Tiger River, Vita, Voyager, SpaServe

Servicing Contracts

A range of service packages saving you time and money. Our service packages help keep your hot tub in perfect working order.

Complete Service

All your servicing and water chemicals
£ 659
Prices from
  • Save up to £210 a year
  • For hot tubs and swim spas
  • 3 x Fresh start services
  • 1 x Full start service
  • Water care chemicals
  • 15% shop discount
  • Discounted callout fee
  • Priority callout
The works

Full Service & Water Care

Annual service with core chemicals
£ 380 From
  • Save around £65 a year
  • For hot tubs and swim spas
  • 1 x Full start service
  • Water care chemicals
  • 15% shop discount
  • 10% services discount

Water Care

Water chemicals only
£ 120 From
  • Save around £50 a year
  • For hot tubs and swim spas
  • Water care chemicals
  • 15% shop discount
  • 10% services discount

Service Contract Questions and Answers

  • Regular servicing and inspections can prevent expensive repair bills. Any problems can either be prevented or fixed early, reducing costs of prolonged or neglected issues. This will prevent or reduce downtime without the use of your hot tub whilst waiting for the parts to be ordered or the repair to be performed.
  • Extend the life of your hot tub. With regular servicing and cleaning your equipment will last longer
  • No more messing about with hoses to drain the tub and crawling around inside it to clean it. Let us maintain your hot tub so you can just relax and enjoy using it!
  • Peace of mind, you know that your hot tub is being looked after by professionals.
  • Other cost savings such as discounts on chemicals and hot tub and garden accessories.

Each maintenance plan runs for a 12 month period.

The services included depend on which plan you take out. The Complete Service plan includes an annual service plus 3 fresh start services. The Full Service and Water Care plan include one annual service. 

Each plan varies, but some of the available benefits are:-

  • Discount off chemicals, parts and accessories
  • Reduced callout fee
  • Priority Callout

Please see details on each service plan for a complete breakdown of the included benefits.

Our service plans start from as little as £120.

If you were to book these services individually they would add up to £896.00 per swim spa. With our annual package, this would come down to just £799.00 including VAT per swim spa. This means an immediate saving of £89.00 in just servicing costs and your complimentary core chemical top up, could save you up to £165.00 over a 12 month period. So you could be saving up to £252.00 and this is not taking into account all the other additional savings and benefits!

These prices are based on the swim spa being in good working order and being located within a catchment area of a 40 mile radius of Sudbury, if you are outside this area there may be a small additional fuel surcharge fee added (details of this surcharge are available on request).

This would also be an agreement for the full year of servicing. If you wanted to cancel at some point within the 12 month period, no refund would be given and if applicable, you would still be required to pay any outstanding balance.

The terms and conditions of this agreement would be valid for a 12 month period only. Should you wish to purchase a new Annual Service Package in the future, new prices, terms and conditions may apply.

* Complimentary core chemical top up includes chlorine granules, bromine tablets, non-chlorine shock, pH minus, pH plus and test strips and only for reasonable useage as deemed by The Tub Company, within a 12 month period, subject to a maximum RRP cost of £165.00 pa. If you do not currently use chlorine granules or bromine tablets and are using different core chemicals like Spa Frog cartridges, AquaFinesse etc, you may be able to continue with this subject to us being able to supply the chemicals and you may be required to pay a surcharge for the more expensive chemicals.

**For complimentary core chemical top up of Spa Frog cartridges there will be a surcharge (details of this surcharge are available on request)

Payment for our annual service package must be upfront for the year ahead.