Marquis ATV Swim Spa (Aquatic Training Vessel)

Marquis ATV Swim Spa

Elevate your swim spa experience

Marquis, in its fourth decade as an industry leader in hydrodynamic performance products, has developed an innovate new vessel for your aquatic activity and enjoyment. Introducing the WhatSwimSpa Approved Marquis ATV or the Aquatic Training Vessels™ – The swim spa from Marquis Spa®. Our patent pending ATV™s elevate your swim spa experience and are a personal workout and health products for your daily life. In a Marquis ATV™, swim strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low-impact range of motion exercises are all options for your active efforts and healthy life. They can also just be a place to kick back and float away stress or laugh and play with the kids. A Marquis ATV™ is a true action vessel for your whole family to enjoy all year-round.

Marquis Swim Spa Aquatic Training

Aquatic Training Really Works!

Aquatic training is an important and vibrant part of the sports, fitness and health and wellness disciplines today. Whether you have competition, conditioning, injury recovery or better balance to your health as your motivation, a water supported environment allows you to immerse your body and improve its healthy performance without the forces found in running or other aerobic activities. But for most people, access to a water location that you can use regularly, effectively and affordably in your daily life has always been a challenge. Until now.

Marquis Swim Spa Performance

Powered for performance!

A Marquis ATV™ is much more than a traditional swim spa. Hydrodynamic flow design and control is a speciality of Marquis®, and a unique range of pumps and jet arrays deliver a water flow you can customise for your optimised aquatic workouts. A standard 32 amp electrical service powers three independent 160 gallons per minute (gpm) or 606 litres per minute (l/m), two-speed pumps in the ATV-14 Sport and ATV-17 Sport to deliver a full spectrum of water flow options. The ATV-17 Kona steps up to two 360 gpm/1363 l/m) pumps plus one 160 gpm/606 l/m pump. The ATV-14 Splash operates off a single 160 gpm/606 l/m two-speed pump for a less vigorous flow in your aquatic activity. These ATV pumps in various models can generate flows that may be customised to challenge every level of swimmer and type of aquatic workout regime.

Marquis Swim Spa Elegant

Roomy, Open and Elegant.

The innovative bowed sidelines to the Marquis ATV™ are more stylised than a typical swim spa box of water. They allow for a more spacious swim and workout space than comparable rectangular swim spas. Whether your body position is horizontal while swimming, vertical during aerobic exercise, or seated in resistance/strength workouts, the vessel area accommodates greater space for mobility and workout freedom without kicking or banging into walls.
The ATV-14’s true 48″/122cm water depth allows for a full torso range of exercises when immersed in the water. The additional 3 ft / 91.4cm of length and 5 in. / 12.7cm of water depth in the ATV-17 offers even greater space and torso immersion for full body aquatic workouts. Professional physical therapists, in particular, recommend the greater water depth for optimised therapy.

Marquis Swim Spa Rowing

Tethers, Rowers, Music and More.

ATV™ activities may include anything from free swimming and water aerobic exercises, of course, as well as use of the standard feature swim tether, or optional Resistance
& Rowing Kit attachments. Crank up the audio option to work out to your favourite music. Add sub-waterline LED lighting to bring additional sparkle to the water. Or choose
the fountains’ 12-point water feature option for beautiful arcing streams of water along the vessel walls.

Marquis Swim Spa Soaking

Enjoy a Soak Pre- and Post workout.

The Marquis ATV™ also features Marquis®’ famous hydrotherapy jets and flow controls in seat locations for leg and torso massage. Utilising Marquis®’ high flow / low pressure, massage action, a therapeutic deep seat and a post workout cool-down seat offer important muscle and soft tissue massage benefits.

Marquis Swim Spa Safe Footing

Safe Footing is a Priority.

The open, level floor area is lightly textured for more stable footing during aerobic workouts. The interior steps are built to ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 safety stairs specifications for safe and secure footing and transitions in and out of the vessel. The stairs and the
vessel floor have a smooth yet tactile surface treatment to allow for optimal water aerobics footing and non-slip navigation of the stairs…unlike slippery acrylic surfaces
that can prevent stable footing. LED lighting is standard along the steps for better visibility as well.

Marquis Spa Build Quality

Built like a tanker to last a lifetime.

The Marquis ATV™s are made with bonded polymer resins for the strongest vessels in the swim spa industry today. The covalently bonded macromolecular structure makes the vessel impervious to the crazing and cracking found in typical acrylic swim spas. The state-of-the-art polymer resins are used in the marine industry’s most expensive and rugged boat and yacht hulls. The sweeping lane lines and other visual focal points for your workouts are not superficial appliqués that can peel or degrade over time. They are securely bonded into the polymer structure of the resins and last as long as the vessel itself. Traditional swim spas struggle to sustain structural strength with the potential for the acrylic sheet to waver and distort during shipping and installation, and under the weight and pressure of so much water over time. The ATV™’s external frame is a uni-body gusset construction that assures greater structural integrity and rigidity to further support the vessel’s bonded polymer resin strength. Truly, an ATV™ is the strongest large aquatic vessel you can own for your fitness and wellness activities.

Marquis Pristine Water

Simply Pristine

Marquis®’ reputation for pristine water management carries over into ATV™s as well. Anti-microbial treatment in filtration, corona discharge ozonators, and SmartClean™ automatic clean-up cycles work with a simple sanitisation process to allow for hours, days, weeks and months of continuously clean water use.

The Marquis ATV range of Swim Spas

ATV 14 Splash/Sport

Marquis ATV-14 swim spa

ATV™-14 Splash

  • water depth: 48″/122cm
  • 26 therapy jets
  • 2 high volume turbo swim jets
  • 1 two-speed 160 gpm/606 l/m pump

ATV™-14 Sport

  • water depth: 48″/122cm
  • 26 therapy jets
  • 6 turbo swim jets
  • 480 gpm/1817 l/m
  • 3 two-speed 160 gpm/606 l/m pumps

ATV 17 Sport/Kona

Marquis ATV-17 swim spa

ATV™-17 Sport

  • water depth: 53″/135cm
  • 26 therapy jets
  • 6 high volume turbo swim jets
  • flow rate 480 gpm / 1817 l/m
  • 3 two-speed 160 gpm / 606 l/m pump

ATV™-17 Kona

  • water depth: 53″/135cm
  • 26 therapy jets
  • 6 Whitewater-4, 2 Buoyancy jets; flow rate 1000 gpm/3,785 l/m
  • flow rate 1000 gpm/3,785 l/m
  • 2 two-speed 360 gpm/1,363 l/m pumps
  • 1 two-speed 160 gpm/606 l/m pumps
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Last Updated: April 23, 2018