Red Spa 7805 Swim Spa

Red Spa SwimCoach 7805 Swim Spa

  • Red Spa SwimCoach
  • 4.5m swim spa with 3 seat hydrotherapy area
  • Swim Jets: 2 – 4

Red Spa SwimCoach 7805 Swim Spa


Red Spa Swimming
Red Spa Hydrotherapy
Red Spa Fun
1. Swimming From gentle exercise to a complete training session Red Spa SwimCoach exercise pools are the right choice. Each swim jet can be individually turned on and adjusted to suit any level 2. Hydrotherapy Relax after your workout in one of the 3 hydrotherapy seats for the ultimate cool down 3. Fun A perfect place for you and your family to enjoy


Choosing a SwimCoach allows you to take your exercise in the freedom of your own home allowing you to exercise when you want to and not constrained by lifestyle and timetables. Swimming great all round exercise for all ages and abilities and as part of your fitness regime to help keep you in great shape. Not only can your Red Spa SwimCoach be used for exercise it also great for all the family to enjoy.

Unlike a traditional swimming pool installing a compact SwimCoach is easy, it will fit almost anywhere, just need a base to situate it and electrical supply

The stunning SwimCoach 7805 4.5 meter swim spa can be tailored to suit your individual swimming and exercise requirements and from the casual swimmer to the most proficient swimmer. Each individual 6″ swim jets provides over 150 gallons of water per minute, the 7805 can be configured with up to four swim jets with 600 gallons of water per minute, so even the strongest of swimmers can have a great workout.

Red Spa Efficiency
Red Spa Insulation
Red Spa Quality
1. Efficiency All Red Spa swimming spas are designed with efficiency in mind.

  • Every SwimCoach is layered with a high density foam insulation.
  • SwimCoach models are fitted with thick reflective insulation board on both floor and cabinet.
  • Ultra thick ‘arctic conditions’ 12cm covers
  • Every model is fitted with new Eco-Boost designed pumps which are designed to run more efficiently than standard pumps
2. Flexibility Designed with you in mind.

  • All Red Spa Sport hot tubs are fitted with individual adjustable jets and each seat is fitted with adjustable air valves.
  • Water temperature adjustment down to a quarter of a degree.
  • Other great usable features like sleep mode and maintenance reminders
3. Quality Every Red Spa is hand built to the highest standards to exceed your requirements. They incorporate the latest design and styling ideas.

Whats Included?

All new Red Spa swim spas and exercise pools supplied by The Tub Company come included with:

  • Chemical Starter Pack – Everything you need to get going with your water care.

In addition The Tub Company also include free of charge the following services with every Premium Swim Spa:-

  • Installation
  • Electrical hook and commission – we’ll connect up your new hot tub, fill and commsssion it.
  • Training – We make sure your comfortable with how your hot tub works and how to look after it


Seating: 3
Dimensions: 450 x 228 x 137cm (177” x 90” x 54”)
Swim Jets: 2 – 4
Total Jets: 58
Pumps: 2 – 4 x 3hp pumps
Ozone: Included
Lighting: Multi coloured programmable underwater LED light
Filtration: 100 sq. foot
Insulation: Shell, cabinet, floor and hard ‘arctic condition’ insulated cover
Electrical Req: from 32 amp


Red Spa Colour Options
Audio Options

Red Spa Luxury Hot Tub
Red Spa Luxury Hot Tub
Aquatic AV waterproof housing for your portable media devices (MP3, iPod, iPhone) and FM radio with a (4 x 50 watt) amplifier and 2 x speakers and separate sub woofer also includes a waterproof remote control Waterproof MP3 player (USB) with FM and 2 x speakers/td>

TV/DVD option: please call

Other Options
LED Lighting Package (inc LED perimeter lights, waterfall and top side valves)
Swim Spa Steps

Service Package

Buying your Red Spa is just the beginning. We’re always thinking about how to make owning a Red Spa swim spa an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Our fixed rice service package cover the scheduled servicing of your swim spas with one single payment for the entire year. Our fixed price service packages are designed to take care of all your scheduled servicing needs, offering an inflation proof and worry free option so you’re free to simply enjoy your swim spa.

The plan includes 3 x fresh start services and 1 x full service. Some of the core benefits are:

  • Complementary core chemical top ups e.g. Testing strips, Chlorine, pH adjusters
  • Discounted callout fee
  • 15% discount of all chemicals, parts and hot tub and garden living accessories

The annual service package for your hot tub costs £789 for the year. Making savings of £87 in service costs and up to £165 in chemicals costs and this does take into account the other additional savings and benefits. Click here for more details on our hot tub service maintenance package.

Last Updated: April 23, 2018