Most frequent hot tub questions and answers

How many seats do you need in your hot tub? Consider how many people may be using it at one time. If you don’t have space constrictions then it is a good idea to allow for a little extra room for comfort. 

If you are looking for a hot tub to help with aches and pains or certain conditions like arthritis then consider the pump and jets configuration.  For instance, the Marquis Vector21 range mimics massage styles with their jetting system. 

We have access to a large number of stocked hot tubs from each of our top brands. Get in touch with us for the latest in-stock offers.

Take the stress out purchasing your hot tub. We offer a range of interest-free and low-cost finance deals with low deposits. Call for more details. 

If it’s in stock, then our current delivery time is 1 – 2 weeks.

Have you a chosen area in your garden for your hot tub? When it comes to locating your hot tub, we’d always recommend placing it as close to the house as possible. So it’s nearby and easy to get in to.  Check out our Buyers Guide

A hot tub requires a level and flat area which is sufficient enough to support its weight, an average filled hot tub can weigh around 1500kgs. Concrete bases or patios are common solutions. If you need something quickly take a look at our SmartDeck instant pad. 

We will connect the hot tub when we install, but we cannot carry out an electrical installation as we are not registered electricians. We can, however, arrange this work for you if required. 

Yes if you have any doubts about access we can carry out a site visit free of charge.

All our hot tubs are insulated to suit different environments. If you plan to use your hot tub all year round consider the insulation fitted. Marquis Spa hot tubs offer full foam insulation for the most heat retention. 

Our advice is to use your hot tub in winter, we think it’s the best time. If you don’t want to use your hot tub we do offer a professional drain down which removes all standing water to eliminate any risk damage from freezing water. 

All our hot tubs are will manage heating and water filtration automatically. All you need to do is set the desired temperature and that’s it.