Why Choose Marquis Spa?

What makes Marquis the Ultimate Hot Tub Experience?

The ultimate hot tub experience is a phrase which really embraces every aspect of the Marquis brand:

  • Customer Experience – as you consider and buy your marquis hot tub from a marquis dealer
  • Ownership Experience – as you operate and maintain your hot tub over the years
  • User Experience – as you relax and enjoy your time in the hot tub

To make each of these experiences to be the ultimate experience there needs to be a very special foundation to the company and people that provide it all.

The Marquis Story

Marquis Spa is an employee owned company based in Independence, Oregon since 1980, Now in its fourth decade Marquis has expanded its supply of hot tubs to a global market in the USA, Canada and Europe. Marquis continuing focus on the little things keeps it true to the original reputation of the Marquis brand.

Number 1 in Quality

#1 Quality
In a industry with over 100 manufacturers in the USA alone Marquis has achieved the highest quality rating in the industry. Marquis has stood apart from the competition due to its core values and people. Its attitude to building hot tubs maybe due to being employee owned which gives people additional personal investment into their work and truly care about their products.

Design and Manufacturing

The design process of a collaboration between engineering and artisan craftsmanship results in sophisticated and distinctive designs. They are not just boring boxes of bubbling water, but their innovative and styling design will enhance your garden and deliver superior hydrotherapy.

  • Highest quality components are used and continuously monitored by Marquis throughout the production process.
  • Rigorous monitoring by the oven operators ensure the acrylic during the forming process results in a perfectly moulded shell.
  • Strengthened and reinforced using multiple layers of fibreglass. After which the hot tub is plumbed and fitted with sophisticated therapy and create comforts.
  • Renewable materials are used the construction of the support and frame structure.
  • Each and every unit is filled and the electrical and hydraulic systems are tested for leaks and any other deviations from standards.
  • Finally detailing staff meticulously cover the hot tub to ensure its cosmetically perfect.

Number 1 in Customer Service

#1 Customer Service
From the industries highest rated customer service team to a worldwide network of carefully selected professional Marquis dealers with sales, delivery and service personal who truly respect the buying and ownership experience that a Marquis Spa hot tub demands.

Comprehensive set of benefits for everyone

Hot tub therapy is a wonderful combination of benefits:

  • Physical health related hydrotherapy
  • Social enjoyment and connection with friends and family
  • Personal and emotional escape time to relax and destress

Other benefits include:

What makes them superior therapy tub?

Soothing, Revitalising Hydrotherapy

  • High Output Therapy – H.O.T zones. HK jets are clustered into hot zones to provide a concentrated full body massage.
  • Hot Zone Pillar Jets – Target all your major body parts to provide the best therapy, soothe neck, shoulders, back, arms, thighs, calves and wrists.
  • Relief without pressure – A high flow and low pressure combined jetting system feels amazing on your body. It enables the heat to be driven deep into the muscles without blasting you out of the hot tub.
  • Full control – By using the exclusive 3-2-1 tri-zone valves it directs the water flow into 3 separate zones or partially into a combination of zones. 3 levels of relief in single seat on some models – Upper Body, Mid Body and Lower Body
  • River rock footwell naturally massages you aching feet.
  • Dual speed pumps allow choice between a slow soothing or invigorating high speed massage.

Check our our current Top 3 hot tubs

Epic – 3 hot zones, 2 geyser jets
Spirit = Small family or couples. Fully body lounger and deep therapy seat with cool down seat
Rendezvous – Personal therapy for tight spaces, deep seat andn foot jets

Make a Wish

Make a Wish FoundationMarquis Spa is the official hot tub provider for the Make a Wish foundation who are a non-profit organisation which was founded in the United States that arranges experiences to children with life-threatening medical conditions. They now operate globally with over 600 wishes granted Marquis really understand that owning a Marquis hot tub brings extensive benefits.

Watch the full Marquis Spa story here

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